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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Street Cake Maker in Dhaka City

Written by Suchitra Roy

Bangladesh, the green land is full of natural beauty. At the present, Bangladesh takes a different appearance and color in each season. In winter season, we can to arrange a festival (Poish Paban Mela) of making different types of cakes in each home in our villages of Bangladesh.

But we see some male & female to make cake named ‘Chitoi Pitha’ beside the street of Dhaka City. They try to make up the demand of the city people.
One of them is Shafia Begum who has been making cakes on the street for 7 years. Everyday she sells her hand made ‘Chitoi Pitha’ with dry fish mash.

Shafia Begum makes 150 pieces of cakes and her benefit is only Tk50 per day. She sells her cakes to all classes of people and they are buying them eagerly. Her making process of cakes is so skillful. At her old age this profession is the only way to meet up her daily needs. But it is very hard to maintain her family. She said, “Inshallah my business will go well through the blessing of God.”

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Katie said...

Beautiful pictures! I like these stories about everyday life for the women of Bangladesh.