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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Birth of a child in street

Written by Tarun Falia & Taslima Akter

Dalia Khatun, a girl is 17 years. She passed her childhood with her parents in her village under Mymensingh district. That time she passed her day very well. But she lost her parents when she was 8 years old. They are 8 brothers and sisters. After the death of her parents her sister and brother started to live individually. That time she was alone and had no any person to take care of her. One day one of her neighboring woman proposed to come in Dhaka, doing something for her livelihood.After coming to Dhaka she started to work as a domestic worker and continued it 4 years. Then she was 12 years old. After giving her working as domestic worker she stated to work as labor. She took a little room in a slum and stayed alone there. She was living happily working as day labor and living hand to mouth. Once upon she fell in love with a rickshaw puller. She knew that ricswa puller from her childhood as they were living same area. Last year of June, 06 they got married.

After their marriage she started to live with her husband. After one month of their marriage her husband started to misbehave with her and sometimes he used to beat without any cause. After three months of her marriage she became pregnant. Day by day her husband increased his misbehaving. Dalia wanted to know the causes of her husband’s misbehave with her. One day she followed him and saw that her husband made illegal relation with a garment worker. After observing that day she didn’t ask her husband anything, because she thought that he would be back. Dalia was living as usual. One day her husband didn’t return in their house and she informed that her husband got married with that garments worker and then she was 6 months pregnancy.

She was losing her working energy day by day. When her pregnancy time was 8 month, she became weak and she could not do any work. That time she took shelter in her cousin’s house. Her cousin worked in a garment factory. After living several weeks her cousin’s got married and left her.

Then Dalia was near in delivery period and she was very weak. In the mean time flood submerged many places in Dhaka city and her residence was also under water. She had to fasted as she had no money or income source. She also could not sleep. Then sometimes some of neighboring people helped her providing foods. Day by day the water was increasing and she could not stay at her residence. She had to leave her residence and searched another living place but she failed. In the mean time she felt pain but she could not find out any suitable place. She had no money to take admission in any hospital. At last she took shelter in a car garage of a house.

The house owner saw her in the morning. When he (the house owner) saw her, suffering in delivery pain then he called in wet-nurse. Then Dalia gave birth to a boy in car garage of that house. The house owner and other people of that house helped her providing food, some cloths and treatment. The house owner named her child “Masud”. Now Dalia dreams with her son, Masud. Dalia dreams that Masud will grow up and he will go to school, in future her son will look after her. She also expects her son will protest his father’s improper conduct against his mother.

Dalia with her son - picture by Tarun Falia

Now Dalia is not okay as physically. After recover her health she doesn’t know what she will do and where she will go with her son. Maybe Dalia’s dreams will true or maybe her son will be a street baby like as other street baby.

Tarun Falia has taken a video of Dalia and her son from this garage.

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Zeenat said...

I am so saddened by this story. Could I help her in any way?