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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rickshaw Puller of Bangladesh

Written By Ruma Akter
Student of English section

The man who pulls rickshaw for money is a rickshaw puller. Rickshaw pullers are familiar in cities and town in Bangladesh. They live in slum. Their income is very poor. They earn money but that is too little to live properly. They don’t have their own rickshaws. They work hard all-time. In any weathers they are to carry passengers. Sometimes they need to bargain with their passengers. They demand more when the weather remains very hot. Some times they try to cheat passengers. But most of the time they are cheated by passengers on rent. Rickshaw pullers are seen sleeping beneath a tree or take rest on their rickshaw. They drive rickshaw from morning to till late night. They lead a very simple and miserable life. Their lives are full of sorrows and sufferings. They can’t enjoy any occasions. They don’t have any peace and happiness. If they become sick they don’t have much money to get treatment. For being sickness sometimes they can’t drive rickshaw and on that day they can’t earn money. Then they and their families starve. If they can earn more than their expectation their face become smiley. But this opportunity comes to their life for a while. We should respect them. Cause they take us at our destination area.

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