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Saturday, September 1, 2007

A Stranger came beside my window!!!

Pictures taken & written by: Mohtarimun Nahar [BIPA]

Hello readers, I would like to share a funny moment of my life with you. One day (24th August, 07) I was working at office. Beside my window there is a roof of another building. Suddenly I found that a monkey was sitting on the roof.

It was a strange feeling to me. I have never seen a monkey in such a close way. I saw in the zoo before in a case. That’s why I tried to call him to take some photos of him but he didn’t listen to me. Then I gave him some biscuits and chanachur. After that he thought for a moment and came near my window. At that time I took some pictures of him.

He stayed for 30 minutes. After that he left the roof. But I couldn’t know how did he come here and where did he go? It is not possible to know where he lives. So, he is been a stranger to me.

Some people show different street games with monkey. This monkey maybe that type of performer. Or he can be a member of circus party. Maybe he had lost his way to go home or maybe he left his home. I will never able to know these questions’ answers.


Katie said...

I used to be crazy for monkeys. I begged my mom to let me have one as a pet. How fun!

Zeenat said...

I think that is how life is. Some things are meant to stay unknown to you even though they mean a lot to you. Hopefully the monkey will come back for more "chanachur"!