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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Rainy Day of my Life

Written by Helen Sarker

I am Helen Sarker. I think rainy Season is the best season of all seasons. I would like to share a rainy day of my life.

One day I started my journey with my two friends to go to Nari Jibon Project. We are the students of Nari Jibon in English and Computer section. On that day the sky was very cloudy. Suddenly the rain started and we had already left our home. We were getting late for the class. We were looking for a rickshaw. But we didn’t get any. We were just walking and walking. There were water every where and traffic jam occurred on the road. The road became muddy. All of us got wet in the rain. The people were looking at us strangely. It was an embarrassing moment. After two hours we got rickshaw and entered in the class. Then we found, the class already had finished. It was a good experience for me. Cause in the rainy day I wished to wet in the rain. But I couldn’t if I remain at home.

Personally I like rainy day because on this day I can spare my time at home by listening music, watching TV, and reading story books.

Bangladesh has six seasons. Rainy season is one of those. It remains for Ashar and Srabon [Bengali Months]. Nature becomes clean and fresh in the rain. Many beautiful flowers bloom in the Rainy season. I like this season very much.

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Zeenat said...

I think rain is one of the things that I miss most about Bangladesh. It just doesn't rain the same way here in USA! I don't hear the "Tapur tupur" of rain. I miss stying in bed with a good book and the smell of "Khichuri and Elish Mach" wafting out of the kitchen.