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Friday, November 30, 2007

Once in a Moon-lit Night

By Sherin Sultana

Today the urban life is of brick and stone. The natural beauty is not seen to our sight. The nature is defeated by men’s artificiality. She doesn’t get her proper value still the nature comes to the earth with her own elegance and glory.

Some days ago the electricity had gone at night. As usual all of us were gossiping. At that time I went to the balcony and suddenly I became so much wondered that I can’t express. The moon-light in Dhaka city can be such beautiful, was not known to me. I think the moon-light was really exceptional on that day and the whole world was overflowed by moon light. I wished to bath in the rain of the moon-light, and run away from the crowded place to any unknown soundless place.

I am in Dhaka city since many years but I couldn’t feel in my mind that I saw the moon-light and feel like so much exiting in this way. That scene had driven me mad. Maybe I didn’t get time or opportunity to observe this.

I couldn’t do anything on that night. I was just looking out side only. I remembered about those days of mine when I was in the village. The nature always plays with its natural beauties. I can remember how many times I passed without sleeping and by gossiping in the moon-lit night. I used to walk in the narrow path [village road] in the silver moon-light. I felt to hold the moon-light. In this way I wanted to feel the moon-light. At that time I thought, the nature becomes beautiful in the moon-lit-night only in the village. But now I realized that moon-light is always beautiful in every place.

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Zeenat said...

Very nice post sherin. :-)You shoud write more often on this blog.