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Saturday, February 2, 2008

My Nephew: Farhan Sidique

By Farjana Hoque

My name is Farjana Hoque. I am doing Honors under National University at Tejgaon College in Sociology. I am 23 years old.

I have a nephew, he is like my child. His name is Farhan Sidique. He is three and half years old. Recently he started to go to school. He reads in play group at Lake View International School.

Every body has a memorable day. In my life the most memorable day is that day, when Farhan was born. I can not explain that how much I was happy when he came in this world. On 4th January, 2004 he was born at 8.15 am. Every one was very happy to see him. He was so cute, still now he is very cute.

My Nephew

The next day I slept with my nephew in the hospital. He was so small. That time I felt that, I was living in the heaven. Then I could not felt any sorrow or any tension. Even now I do not know why I was feeling like that.

I always remember the first day when he started to speak. He used to make us understand his feelings by his unclear words and accent. It sounded very nice. Now he calls me “Tina Ma”. I feel very happy when he calls me by this name.

He is very intelligent boy. He can play video game on computer. Whole day he remains very busy in various works. Everyone of his family have to remain busy with him. He is the dearest little member of our family.

Me with my nephew

He likes to go out very much. So some times we go out. Some time we play computer games, watch TV, read books and draw pictures and do many other things. He likes to watch cartoon. None can change the TV channel when he watches cartoon. Sometime he tells us various kinds of stories.

He does not live with me. He lives with his family at Rampura. So I can not spend much time with him. But when I get time I go to their home and pass some nice time with him. Every day I talk to him on phone for a long time.

I always miss him and he also misses me. I would like to say that Farhan is my world. He is the cutest child in the world to me.

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