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Monday, June 23, 2008

Fairy tales that I heard in my childhood

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Nilufa Akter

First part

There was a farmer in a village. He had his wife and a daughter. But they were very poor. The farmer had two bighas of land. He used to cultivate that land and somehow they maintained their family with these crops. There was also a king in that village. He had a prince. Once the prince went to hunt in the forest but in the way he was bitten by a snake. Then the king applied to the villagers to save his son’s life but none of the villagers came to help him. The king also circulated in the village that he would pay what saver want from him instead of his son’s life. Then the daughter of the farmer agreed to save the life of prince. The girl made cure the prince. The King asked the girl what she wants but the girl did not reply. The king gave six bigha’s of land to the farmer thinking of their poverty. Then the farmer returned to their house with his daughter. Then the farmer cultivated all the lands and he got enough crops. He sold his crops and received lot of money. The farmer made a new house and gave her daughter in marriage to a rich family. Then farmer started to live happily as they had no poverty.

Second part

There was a family in a city. There was a father, a mother and a daughter in a family. In a vacation during rainy season they went to visit to the Sundarbans and they started to watch Sundorbans. Suddenly they saw rumble of clouds and being afraid they got up to the launch in very hurry. But the parents forgot to take their daughter. The daughter stayed long whole in the embankment of the river. Clouds started to roar and the daughter became afraid. The daughter also wetted in the rain and fell in sick. Then a man saw that girl and took to his house. The man also took her to the physician and made her cure. But the girl could tell her address. After that the girl started to live there….

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