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Nari Jibon Project seeks to increase our students’ and staffs’ abilities through different ways: classes, practice, computers, internet, and now the Narijibon Blog. Readers and writers (our students & staff) of the Blog will both learn about our lives, culture, Nature, activities of people in Bangladesh and the Nari Jibon Project.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Today it was Raining Heavily

Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa]

Today it was raining heavily. At that moment I was in Nari Jibon office. The students didn’t come for the heavy rain. The weather became very wonderful. There is water everywhere. Still I don’t know how I will go home today. The roads are drowned by rain water now. We will have to face the problem of transportation. But we are very happy to get this rain in this hot season. I took some pictures of rain from my office room’s veranda; those I would like to share with all the blog readers.

Some Pictures:


Zak said...

These are some really nice pictures. Where is the Nari Jibon office located? It looks familiar but, I could be wrong.

Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa] said...

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, you are right. Nari Jibon is familiar. you can visit-- www.narijibon.com

Zak said...

I just saw where the Nari Jibon office is located in narijibon.com. I was actually wrong. I thought the roof of the house looked similar to a roof that I used to see from my grandfather's house. I am not sure if I was in Malibag or not, maybe when I was younger. Anyway the site looks nice, I think the project itself is really wonderful and wishing you much success.

Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa] said...

Thanks a lot for your nice comment.