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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Emphasis of Torturing Women

By Shakura

The pressing of women is one of the greatest problems in our country. The people who are illiterate and cruel, they oppress the women by many ways. They scorch the women physically and mentally. Someone treats his wife like an instrument of pleasures and luxury. Someone misconducts with his wife. Someone does not take care of his wife’s health. For this reason, women suffer from any kind of diseases. Some people like to annoyed women by teasing or touching.

In the low society, some husbands are addicted of wine. A drunk can make any harmful situation in the society. Women are unable to protect from oppressing and hooliganism. Again, our society cannot save them properly. Day by day, women are becoming weak by physically and mentally.
In the villages, a large number of people are retrograde. Many family members are not concern of the women because of their poverty, ignorance and illiteracy. They feed their boys properly; but not the girls. As the result, this inequality affects the women from childhood.

There are many superstitions in our country; like- dowry, pre-matured marriage etc. Therefore, acid violence, kidnapping, rape case are increasing in our society.

In the lower class of this country, a vast number of women are victimized in pregnancy also. The barbarism of that kind of men has no bindings. Recently, our government became more conscious to remove this problem. The non-government organizations also are working for women problems seriously.


kbw said...

interesting post! and i add that torturing of women is not just in lower classes, but also occurs in the middle and upper classes as well. same-same for torturing of female servants. check the reports in the daily newspapers.

so be aware and talk with your friends and family members about violence against women and torturing of women. make sure that guardians check out any family histories and violence when they make marriage arrangements.

also refuse to accept controlling behaviours and violence in your own relationships.

last but not least, keep on writing about such topics.

if you need to know about Bangladesh resources and what are good relationships vs. abusive relationships, see my webpage: www.siu.edu/~narijibon/DADV.htm

Shakura Noor Tushti said...

Thanks for your nice comment, Madam.Yes i will be aware and talk with my friends and family members about violence against women and torturing of women.I wish i will write more about such topics.

Romi said...

Shakura, thanks for this great post.

What type of action (if any? is it caving to public pressure; posturing only?) is the government undertaking to counter the violence. Are their services well promoted so as to reach the women who are in need?

And do the smaller non-profit organizations working in this mandate feel supported by the government in any way?


Annie said...

Are there ways for people from other countries to assist these women in need? Are there shelters for these women to go to in dire times or is it difficult for them to escape from their husbands or families?

kbw said...


good question...you can see http://www.hotpeachpages.net/

for VAW resources around the world and in many different languages....however, all of these shelters-groups need our support, volunteers, and funds.

so reach out to these institutions as well.