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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have many Dreams

By Shakura

Old moments have gone. Time and tide wait for none. So, we should be more conscious about this. To waste time is a great foolish. I have many dreams; which are my New Year resolution.

Firstly; I want to go to abroad and my first choice is Australia. My future plan is to be established and get settled to a developed country.

Secondly; I wish if I became a social worker or a rich person; I would help the poor people of my country.

Thirdly; Bangladesh is a small country; but a large number of people are suffering from poverty. Bangladesh has had some notable successes in reducing its poverty from maintaining a steady growth rate of 5.0 percent. In the last two years, this growth rate, according to official figures, even surpassed 6.0 percent. The optimists give suggestions our government to increase the growth rate. I am very hopeful also.

Fourthly; the job vacancy is a one of the greatest problem in our country. A lot of people have not enough property or land. So, they have to struggle for this reason. Vacancy is centralized in the town. The livelihood in a city is very expensive; which the poor people cannot able to pay. And the other side, the well-learned people are increasing day by day. But the job vacancies are not increasing much. To get an honorable job is very difficult. So, I want to go abroad. In a developed country, there are enough job vacancies, much money and other facilities. I think- life is easier than our country. For this reason, I want to go to Australia and after two years I will transfer a lot of money to develop my country. It will try to pay my money to poor people for being self-reliant. I will try my best to be self-reliant. I will try my best for this purpose in my whole life. These are my New Year resolution.

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Mohammad Ali said...

I have good wishes & prayer from my hear for you for you dream. Hope u will move same way, there is lot of bangali over the world who has dream regarding their country but can't do any think.. but when they see other doing some thinks. Then they got energy.