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Monday, June 25, 2007

The people of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small low –lying country in the South Asia. Bangladesh becomes independent in 1971 at the cost of supreme sacrifice of many valiant people. The ancient city Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. It is a very poor and populated country; Poverty is a great problem for our country people. Many people live in village. Many people are not educated. Now I am trying to describe about the men, women and children of Bangladesh.

Men: Many people are farmers. Most of the farmers are not educated. They are not able to send their children to school because of their poverty. They work hard in the field for a long time. Some farmers work in the field with their children. They think that their children don’t need education. The people of city always remain busy for their works. They go to office in the morning and return home at night. Many poor people live in the city. They are rickshaw puller, taxi driver etc. Sometimes the people of city go to travel with their family. The village people do not get spare time. When they get some spare time, they pass this time by gossiping, playing cards, listening stories, enjoying jarigan, sharigan, kabigan and by playing some country games like ha-du-du etc.

Women: The women of the city always remain busy for their works. Many educated women are working at office. Many educated women are teaching at schools, colleges and universities. Some educated women are teaching on computer courses. Many uneducated women live in our country. Some uneducated women work at many garments factory. Most of the women remain busy for their house hold work. The women of the city spend their time going out side with their families. The poor women spend their time by gossiping. Some women work with their husbands in the field. Some women sew Nakshikatha and sell those.

Children: The Bangladeshi street children are rootless. Everybody have some ideas about the street children of Bangladesh. The real picture of these street children is very pathetic. They are shelter less. They have no particular living or sleeping place. They sleep on the street. Some of them beg on the street. They may have parents. But their parents do not take proper care of them. they do not get any opportunity to go to school. They are complete illiterate. It is a matter of great regret. Today’s child is tomorrow’s future. So all of us including the government should take necessary steps; that they can enjoy their legal rights.

Written by Tahmina Akter

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