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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Tale of 26 February, 07: Fire on BSEC Bhaban-2

At that night Begum Khaleda Jia came to the patient. She did not do anything for them. She was asking funny question. Then she left the place. Next day the opposite leader Shekh Hasina came and gave 10,000 taka to them. 50, 000 taka was given to five patients. After three days he was discharged from the hospital. 10,000 taka was not sufficient for him. There were thirteen broken bones in his ankle. But the money wasn’t sufficient for him. From February to till now 60,000 taka has been spent for him. He came back home on 13 March. After returning home through his office by the Government he was given more 10,000 taka. The death people’s families were given 1 lac taka. This 20,000 taka can’t recover any injured person at present day. In our country for primary treatment we need enough money .Those weren’t sufficient money to get proper treatment. With the blessing of Allah, he over came his broken leg with one bandge. Now he can’t walk without a stick. Already he started to go to office with his injured leg. He has a burden family on his head .He has two daughters and two sons and they are students till now. The elder sister is married. She lives at her father-in-law’s house. The younger daughter can’t continue her study regularly because she has younger brohers.They also need to study. For this she is trying to earn something with her best, that will be helped she to continue her study. Md. Azizur Rhaman is an honest man for his accident he is suffering for money. He needs a strong support by mentally and economically.

I wish that, Allah must help him again and build up his children’s career for the strong support. He never accepts his daughters support without his sons’. So, the sons need better study.

written by Ayasha Siddika

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