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Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Mango: The King of Fruits

Written by Shahana Akter Munia

The mango is the best of all fruits in Bangladesh to me. Mango is the "National Fruit" of India. It is very delicious. It has sweet flavor. It is called the king of fruits. The mango is a summer fruit. It grows in warm climate. So it is found in plenty in the countries of South-East-Asia. Mangoes are found almost everywhere in Bangladesh. But the mangoes of Rajshahi area are the best .They are very tasteful and very remarkable for their sweetness and flavor. In that part of the country the weather and soil are suitable for the growth of mango trees.
There are many varieties of mangoes. They are Langra, Fazli, Gopalbhog, Mohanbhog etc. They are famous for flavor, taste and sweetness. All sorts of people --- young or old, male or female like it. It can be eaten even when it is green. I think the mango is the best fruit from all fruits. I like the Mango very much.


Anonymous said...

yes you are right I too love to have mangoes. Appealing taste,I can hardly forget .

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