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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Education for Women

By Aysha Parveen

A nation can not get progress without education because education is the back bone of a nation. Every people should be educated. Women are the part of our nation. Without education women can not prosper in their life. An educated mother can make an educated family. If women can prosper in their life then a nation can be developed.

Bangladesh is a small and developing country. Education is the part of our life. So Bangladesh will not be success without a proper education. Most of the people are women here. For this reason women are the very important part of our country. An educated woman can help to build a developed nation. Every woman will be a mother. An educated woman can take and make decision in every step in life. They can build their career in many sectors, like: - computer, banking, education, NGO and many other government sectors. As a result our nation can be connected with the other development countries. It helps to develop a country in many sectors. So education is very important for every woman’s life.

Bangladeshi women are very helpless because most of the women of our country are illiterate. They are tortured in many ways because most of them are uneducated. An educated woman can get progress in her life very easily. In the conclusion, we can say that every woman should be educated. It is really very important for a nation.

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