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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Flood and my Jacket

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Helen Sarkar

May be the incident is very simple to some persons but there may have something sympathetic or pitiful. Ok I am describing everything- everyone is aware about 1998’s flood. Probably flood is as like as relative to us, one or half a time it comes to us in every year. Then we used to live near Tepakhola embankment though our house was under Faridpur district. We had nothing to do; we had to live there due to my mother’s job. But those days were very pleasure to us. Mother’s office and our residence was same house. I used to enter to my mother’s office room whenever I got scope to go and I used to tell my mother when you would to come to our house. No sooner my mother replied that she was staying in the house whole day. It was just fan.

But sometimes my mother used to go to the fieldwork and then I used to go with my mother. I was great lucky that I was able to move with my mother and I could see nice and bad things in the world. The people of that area were eager with flood and river-erosion as that area was situated near the river of Padma. According to regularity flood came and people took shelter to the Beri-embankment of Padma near our house. I did not hear ever in my life such like crying and shouting from their heart. Flood affected People used to tell their problems and poverty from the morning to night coming to us. We kept sufficient contribution to the disaster people according to our abilities.

One day I washed all of ours warm clothes like sweater, jackets etc and kept those in the sun for drying. My sky-colored jeans jacket was not drying as that was much heavy. It was also one of the favorite dresses to me. In the evening my mother took every clothes from the sun but she did not take in to the room. I asked my mother that why she did not take my jacket and my mother replied that that was wet and nobody would steal that jacket. So we passed that night as we had deep sleep keeping my jacket in the veranda. In the morning I did not found my jacket and I saw that ropes were fallen in the floor. The dress was stolen which was one of the favorite dress to me – but I did not shock and I did not shout for losing this instead of feeling sympathy for the thief. I thought that he/she might be a good person but stole this dress due to more poverty. May be he/she was fasting for want of food. Sometimes I think that we who are solvent in our society indirectly motivate poor people for being thief and indirectly we try to make them understand- “you have no right to live well. You will be corrupted, you will steal and you have to have nothing”

Flood comes every year and probably we wait for flood every year. We also wait for taking picture while we provide minor relief. We wait to see helpless people’s cry-wet-eyes and smiling faces of donors. ‘How much we gave to the disaster people’ it is an invisible competition among us. We are the people of civil society!! We want to buy helpless-crying-hungry children, old people and poor people by minor relief packet.

But we don’t want to protect flood affecting again or submerge the lands, wasting crops and fall people in sea of tears.
May flood clean all the darts from the hearts, take away our ill conscience by its skilled hand and in these ways we will be pure, really workable and helpful for the society.

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