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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If I were A Prime Minister of Bangladesh!!!

By: Ruma Akter

Human life is full of dreams. Most of the time, it travels in the dream land. But all the dreams do not come true. I have a dream to be A Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Though it is an impossible wish, but I really wish that. If it would happen in my life, I would like to use all the opportunities to develop our country.

Our country is an undeveloped country. It is surrounded by poverty, terrorism and nepotism etc. If I were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, I would make the country as self-reliant. I would offer a terrorism and nepotism free society for the people of Bangladesh. I would try to turn the wheel of fate of the poverty-stricken people.

Education is the precondition of development. If I were the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, I would make the education compulsory for all.

Bangladesh belongs as undeveloped country. Most of the people live under the poverty line. Unemployment is also a great problem in our country. For the alleviation of unemployment problem and poverty, I would take some effective steps, such as-- initiative of industrializations, agricultural development etc. To develop agriculture I would try to use scientific methods in agricultural sector. Thus I would help to raise the economical side of the country.

I would like to change my country by investing money in agriculture, developing the technical education, solving the basic requirements of life and increasing the rights of women.

I would try to do everything to make the people happy and prosperous of my country. That’s why I wish -- if I were A Prime Minister!!!

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Katie said...

I would vote for you!