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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My family

Cross posted from Rafiq's Eye

In my student life (specially when I was studying in college and university) I saw many unhappy families, bad relationship of husbands and wives in their conjugal lives that lead me to make decision of not getting married. I really decided not to get married but when I saw Tora (My wife later) I forgot about my decision. It seemed to me that time that this is the girl whom I was looking for throughout my life. I was sure that she would be my best friend and life partner. We both fell in love and were passing time happily. We got married later and Tora became my real best friend. We got a new life and my vagabond life ended in this way.

Our first child ‘Moin’ was born after five years of our marriage. Getting him our lives became more beautiful. We were passing our happy days with him. When Moin was seven years old we got our second child (that time a female child) Radia. Our lives became full to the brim. Radia is now three years running. Moin, Radia and Tora are my world now.

I am a happy man. Most of the people of the world have problem. I also have problem like; financial problem and some physical problems. But whenever I stay with them I forget about all the problems.

I am the tutor of my children. Tora is also my student. She learns English from me. She is very much eager to learn English. She would like to talk fluently in English.I have to answers hundreds of questions of my children and wife almost everyday. Sometimes I become tired of answering questions but most of the time I love to answer. My children move around me when they get me at residence. Radia says, “Baba (father) feed me, take me to the bathroom, clean me, tell me story etc”. Moin used to do so when he was at Radia’s age. Moin sometimes asks me some strange questions like, why are the men born, why do they die? And also many computer related questions. I can not answer his entire questions at times. Moin is now ten years old and is studying in Monipur high school in class four. He would like to be a computer scientist. He loves to play with computers whenever he gets times. Somewhere he is more advanced than me in computer My children and wife likes hearing song and also to sing (I too).

Tora is partner of my all the well and woe. We share our happiness, sorrows, tensions and anxieties to each other. There is nothing secret in between us. I think this is essential to be happy in conjugal life. I have seen many girl/women in my life but Tora is exceptional. I never had seen a good girl like her. I am really fortunate to have her as my friend/wife/life partner.


Leonard said...

This is a beautiful family. Your kids are lovely. Best wishes to you all. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a story tailor made for many cynics out there! Happiness is indeed attainable, and finding the right person to share life with is a real possibility.

I agree with Leonard, your children are beautiful and it's easy to tell you have a strong bond with your family. Thanks for sharing with us a glimpse of your life.

rafiq said...

Dear Leonard and Romi
Thanks for your comments
yes, it is true that finding the right person to share life with is a real possibility.
I am really fortunate to have the right person.
Pls. visit kazi-rafiq.blogspot.com
I got more comments and I also answered