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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My childhood with my mother by Nari Jibon students

Student’s blog writings in their computer class:

Jannatul Fardous Shathy, Id# 829

"My name is Jannatul Fardous Shathy. I read in class eight. My school name is T&T high school. My father’s name is Md. Haider Ali. He is a service holder. My mother’s name is Mrs. Nargis Akter. She is a housewife. My childhood is very memorable. When I was child, I was very naughty. I always played with my friends. My mother told me to read book. However, I did not care. When I became sick my mother felt upset. Moreover, she told my father to take me clinic. My mother always help me in every work. She told me to respect elder, and love younger. But I always beat my younger brother. And my mother beat me. When she beat me, my little brother was laughing. My father, he does not love me. He always loves his son. I don’t know why? But sometimes, he loves me. I always try to help him in his every work. However I love both of my mother and my father and always pray for them."

Rasmy Akter Jui Id# 891

"My childhood is so memorable that I had not forgotten it or in my childhood there were many reminiscence with my mother. My mother name is Mrs. Razi Halim. She loves me very much from her core mind. I love her very much. She is a first woman who taught me. She always affectionate to me and I couldn’t fill my nice dream without my mother. When I was six years old she took me school. Now I am a student of a college. She gets up early in the morning and makes breakfast for me. When I became sick, my mother takes care of me. I feel very proud with my mother. She is very precious for me. I can’t think my world without her love."

Aklima Akter Akhy, Id#866

"I am Aklima Akter Akhy. I was born in Dhaka. My childhood is passed in Dhaka. My mother is the dearest person to me in the world. She comes of a poor family but she completed her MA degree in great hardships. Now she is a school teacher. I heard from her students that she is one of the popular teachers of her school. She is very punctual in her daily routine both for family and her occupation. I was very lazy in childhood. My mother didn’t like it. My mother always called me Akhy moni. I am one daughter of my mother. My mother looks very beautiful. She loves all of my family member. I love my mother."

Hridi, Id#855

"My childhood with my mother was the sweetest days of my life. She helped me in my all works. She gossiped with me and played with me as a friend. In my childhood when I took food she must had to tell stories. If she didn’t so I did not eat. She took me with her wherever she went. Even still she is doing this. She is very much caring about me. She always tries to give me all these things which I want to her. We discuss our problems together and solve them. My mother love me very much and I also love her very much."

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