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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Premer Taj-Mahal

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A replica of Taj Mahal has been built by Ahsanullah Moni in Bangladesh's Narayanganj district. Ahsanullah Moni is a Bangladeshi filmmaker. This is the second Taj-Mahal in the world. Some pictures of Premer Taj-Mahal.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dump student is also not safe in the street!!!

By Rabbany Sujan

Eve-teasing is the one of the problem to the young Bangladeshi girls. We can see in the daily newspaper often that young girl are facing these problems in the roads, markets, schools and workplaces. As a result many guardians give company when their young girls go to the schools, colleges, markets and other places. Many young girls are to wear veils when they are outside of their houses. Sometimes eve-teasing is the cause of suicide of some young girls like Simi, Purnima, Mahima, Trisha and many others. Ok, now why I am thinking about this problem… is that..

Rozina Akter is in tailoring class

A very young girl aged 13 and named Rozina, is learning Tailoring items at Nari Jibon skill training centre. She is dump and she was born in a very needy family. She comes to the office on foot and it takes at least half an hour.

Last week she was crying without sound after reaching in the class, she looked very afraid. As she could not speak her teacher did not understand what happened but she understood that she faced serious something. Her teacher informed me about her situation. One of my neighboring was dump and I knew some sign language. She tried to understand me that a young boy was following her when she was coming at Nari Jibon to her class. That boy several times passed her touching her body and offered her something bad. But seeing her silence the young boy caught her dress to stop her walking where people were very few. The young boy looked very ugly and dangerous and then she became afraid and buffeted him on his face. Seeing this, some travelers came to her and then the young boy fled away. She was asked many questions but she could not reply but cried soundless.

Now she is thinking that the young boy may make problem when she would return to her house. And that's why she was very afraid. We tried to assure her that he could not make her any problem and we said to stay long time with us and then we would give her guide to send to her house. At the end of her longtime class we sent her to her house with our office assistant (khala). She was absent two days and next day she came to Nari Jibon with her mother. Then we decided that she would come to the Nari Jibon with our office Assistant (Khala) staff who lives in same area.

Her mother informed us that she was not dump when she was born. When she was only one year old her mother went to the village and then she fell in sick. She suffered from serious fever long days. She did not receive proper treatment. At the beginning time she was treatment by the village doctor and kobiraj. After returning Dhaka her parents took to the several govt. hospitals and when doctors said that she needed surgical operation and that’s why they needed sufficient money, they stopped her treatment. Her father is daily labor and mother is housewife. They have not sufficient money to treatment her and her parents are very worried with her sickness as they would also face to give her in marriage. But she is very jolly and talent. She learned most of the tailoring items within two months. Now she changed her way to come to Nari Jibon office.

Other two dump students visited to Nari Jibon office to learn Computer and Tailoring items. One of them is educated (class-12 passed) and another one is less literate. But they wanted to learn without any fee but just now Nari Jibon has no donor and passing very difficult time.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Successful History of Nari Jibon Students

Shireen Sultana

I am Shireen Sultana, aged 24. At the end of my study I started to search job but I was not succeed. Everywhere needs job skill. I was informed about Nari Jibon from one of my friends where women & girls get effective job training. I started to learn English and Computer from Nari Jibon. At the end of my course I started to search job using Nari Jibon cyber café. I submitted my portfolio to the bdjobs com and some other places and in last March 2009 I was offered to join in a foreign multinational Company as Customer Service. I received Tk. 8000 with some other facilities like lunch and conveyance. I was a regular blogger at Nari Jibon and received several training on blog maintenance. I became more skilled on English and computer exercising bloging e Nari Jibon cyber café. Really I praise the programs that Nari Jibon provides only for women. I want to say that there are some cyber café in Dhaka city but women don’t want to use these due to their unsafe environment for young women. Sometimes I used to come to use Nari Jibon Cyfer Café but I am very shocked to see that Nari Jibon stopped their cyber café services due to donation problem. I pray to Allah that Nari Jibon will be able to continue their best services soon to the women like me and other underprivileged women in Bangladesh. I am very thankful to Nari Jibon and who supported Nari Jibon.

Afia Akter

My name is Afia Akter and aged about 23. I have studied up to class-14 (Degree). I was searching a job beside I was working as a private tutor. I have completed English and Computer course from Nari Jibon. Last week in this month I have joined in private organization as a “Data Entry Operator”. This is contract basis job. I am grateful to Nari Jibon as I learned English and Computer from Nari Jibon and I got sufficient time for practicing. I thing Nari Jibon provides effective skill training especially I learned how to write standard Resume, Cover letter/application e portfolio in English classes and online application. Blogging is another option that makes women & girls more skilled in English and Computer and aware about the modern world. Special thanks to Dr. Kathryn B Ward who is the main founder and have enough sympathy for the Bangladeshi women and also thanks to all the teachers and staff.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nari Jibon Students' Success Stories

By Sujon

There is a proverb in our country “Va-te Ma-re, Buddhi-a Bachay-” it means ‘providing some food for death, providing knowledge for survives’. There are many NGOs that spending huge amount of money for women empowerment, strengthening, increasing awareness, rights and proving loan. Many donor/orgs are spending money for reducing harassment/violence, making them aware about type of harassments and supporting legal support. Everything is welfare for women luck. But none of them think, if a woman files a case for judgment, where those women take shelter for ever? To her parent’s family? Does she would be honored there? Obviously she will go to another purush/man as wife and he will be worse than first one.

It is proved in our society (and our research output) that women who can earn money and able to support family financially get honor in the family and society. They can also be decision maker in the family. Other members of their family respect them and as a result they face less harassment in the family.

Nari Jibon Development Foundation is providing effective skill training program to the women besides its awareness program through discussion and writing articles. Due to scarcity of outreach activities we can not know how much students get but sometime some students informed us about their job and sweetened their teachers.

Sakura Noor

I am Sakura Noor, aged about 34. I have completed Masters in History from Dhaka University. I am married and I have a child. I was working as a housewife. One day I heard about Nari Jibon from one of friend and I took admission to learn English and Computer Office Program.

After completing my course I was offered to work as an Executive Officer in an established developer company named ARTISAN DEVELOPMENT LTD. I joined there April 2009 and my starting salary is held 5000 taka per month.

I am very happy getting this job and this was possible to learn Computer and English from Nari Jibon as they (Company) wanted Computer and English expert woman.

Sufia Khatun

My name is Sufia Khatun and I am about 20 years old. I passed H.S.C. (class-12) and then I took admission in class-13 (Degree) but I could not continue my study due to sickness and poverty. My father leaved us (my mother with two elder sisters and one elder brother) getting married another woman. After passing class-12, I came to Dhaka to one of my maternal aunt for study and treatment. My elder brother was working in a garment factory and he was supporting our family financially. It was difficult to continue my study and then I thought that I need to involve in income generating activities. I heard about Nari Jibon to one of my neighboring as it was very cheap I took admission to learn English and Computer Ms Office program. During the course duration I received blog maintaining training from Nari Jibon and then I started blogging. I was rewarded some money from Nari Jibon. I also received scholarship (free class & cyber pass). Really these made me eager to take more skilled in English and Computer. Due to my accommodation problem I had to leave Dhaka to Narayangonja soon. But I am able to use my skills that I learned from Nari Jibon getting a job as office Executive to a Garments Buying House at Narayangonja. I am very happy that I can provide some financial support to family. I am very thankful to Dr. Kathryn B Ward and Nari Jibon staff who encouraged me to take skill.

Asma Akter Choity

I am Asma Akter Choity. I am about 20 years old. I am reading in honors (2nd year) at Begum Bodrunnesa Girls’ college, Dhaka. I live in Lalbagh in Dhaka with my parents.

I have learned Computer Ms. Office Program, Photography and English Course from Nari Jibon.

In last December 2008 I joined in a private company named Asian Sky Shop (Green Road, Dhaka) as Office Executive. It is happy news to me and my family.

Sharmin Akter

My name is Sharmin Akter and I am approximately 14 years old. I went to the primary school about 4 years. I could not continue study due to extreme poverty. After giving up study I was helping my mother doing some household works. One day I heard about Nari Jibon from one of my neighboring woman. I informed my mother about Nari Jibon and willing to learn tailoring course. Then I visit and took admission dated 11th March 2008. Within 3 months I learned 34 tailoring items and one month I got chance for more practicing. Later I received very few money from this tailoring shop. At the end of my course I worked in a tailoring shop but I did not receive money but many customers used to like my works. But September 2008 I got an offer from an established Tailoring Shop, situated at Rampura Banasree named Parveen Tailors as Sewing and Cutting master. They give me 2000 taka per month where I work 10 hours everyday. Really I am very thankful to Nari Jibon and my teacher Salma madam.

We are thankful to Lee Goldman & AISD

By Sujon
Nari Jibon Development Foundation depends on private donation as it is providing skill trainings (Computer, English, Tailoring and Non formal Adult Education) to the underprivileged women & girls from the March 2005. Students pay very nominal fee for these courses. Due to world economic crisis and health problem of main donor (Dr. Kathryn B Ward, Professor, Department of Sociology, SIU at Carbondale) and some other reasons Nari Jibon is facing serious financial crisis. While it was near to close the volunteer English Teacher of Nari Jibon Lee Goldman and some of her colleagues/students donated to continue Nari Jibon activities as they think that the skill training programs of Nari Jibon are more effective to the Bangladeshi women.
On March 27 the American International School of Dhaka (AISD) hosted a running event called the Step-Up Relays in which teams of four people ran a series of laps around Baridhara. Teams consisted of students, parents, school staff, and other community members. Each team paid a registration fee, and all proceeds from the event were donated to Nari Jibon.

Lee Goldman & some AISD students with Nari Jibon staff

At an earlier event on Dec.13, 2008, AISD held another athletic event called the Splash-n-Dash, a duathalon in which participants swam 400m and ran 4km. In some cases a swimmer and runner joined together to form a team to complete the duathalon. Again, the participants paid a registration fee and all proceeds went to Nari Jibon.

Lee Goldman and some AISD students teach English Spoken to Nari Jibon students in every Friday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

YouTube and Some File Sharing Sites Blocked In Bangladesh

Cross posted from The 3rd world view

Internet users in Bangladesh are not able to access YouTube since Friday (March 6, 2009) evening. Soon people discovered that other Social Media and file hosting/sharing sites like Esnips, mediafire etc. were also not accessible. Apparently these are blocked by the firewalls at IIG (International Internet Gateway) as these can be accessed by proxy.

Torpon appeals to the Bangladesh government not to takeaway the freedom of internet after providing some proofs of the filtering:
ঢাকায় ইউটিউবে ঢুকতে গিয়ে টাইম আউট হয়ে যাচ্ছিল দেখে অনেকে ভাবছিলেন যে ইউটিউবের সার্ভারের সমস্যা । এরপর দেখা যাচ্ছিল যে ইস্নিপস্ এও ঢোকা যাচ্ছে না । তখন সন্দেহ করা হলো যে সমস্যাটি অন্য কোন খানে । কোথাও ডেটা ব্লক হয়ে যাচ্ছে । প্রমাণ ছাড়া সরকার কে দোষ দেয়াটা অযৌক্তিক । কিন্তু অল্প কিছু সময়ের মধ্যে অভিজ্ঞ বাংলাদেশী নেটওয়ার্ক ইঞ্জিনিয়াররা বিভিন্ন জায়গা থেকে জানালেন সরকারী কোন সার্ভারের ফায়ারওয়ালে ইউটিউব সহ অনেক গুলো সাইট ব্লক করা হয়েছে।

While accessing YouTube from Dhaka a 'time out error' was being returned and people thought there was something wrong with YouTube Server. Soon people found out that they could not access E-snips (a file sharing site). So people feared that somewhere the data is being blocked. It is not logical to blame the government without proof and logic. But soon IT experts and network engineers from all over Bangladesh notified that YouTube and a few other sites are being blocked by a firewall in some government server.

Screenshot courtesy - Torpon
বাংলাদেশ লিনাক্স ইউজার গ্রুপের সার্ভার থেকে গুগল, ইউটিউব এবং ইস্নিপসের সাইটে ট্রেসরাউট কমান্ড দিয়ে দেখা গেছে, গুগল ঠিকই পৌছে যাচ্ছে গুগলের সার্ভারে কিন্তু বাকি দুটো আটকে গেছে বিটিটিবির ফায়ার ওয়ালে।

When traceroute command was executed from the Bangladesh Linux user group server targeting Google, YouTube and E-snips sites the result showed that Google server could be reached but the other two were being stuck at BTTB Firewall.
Mango and BTCL (formerly BTTB) are the official IIGs (International Internet Gateway) in Bangladesh. Starting last April, by regulation, all Bangladeshis ISPs have to route their international traffic to either Mango, or BTCL, who send the traffic over either the submarine cable or the vsats.

The YouTube ban was confirmed [bn] by a Bangla Newspaper Prothom Alo. Twitter user Mahay Alam Khan reports on the ban on more sites.
mahayalamkhan: youtube, eSnips, midiafire, filefreak, upload-mp3 are banned or blocked in Bangladesh. Please, re-twitt.
Russell John speculates why the ban was executed:
Why did the Government do this? It's because of an audio recording that could "damage" the reputation of our great Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. For now they blocked YouTube and eSnips, but in the future there might be more sites. Maybe Facebook too? People shares a lot of stuff there.
After the recent BDR mutiny and massacre of army officers in Dhaka the Prime Minister met the aggrieved army officers in a confidential closed door meeting at Shenakunja where no press or outsiders were allowed. The conversions in the meeting and cellphone video recordings were leaked out, uploaded and shared using many file sharing sites including E-snips and YouTube. Unheard Voice blog discusses the issue of the leaked audio files which are being used by some quarters to create some political bickering and malign the army and the Prime Minister.

Dark ocean needs a lighthouse says:
If Bangladesh Govt thinks Internet is like Cellphone service then they are living in fools' paradise. There are many ways people can bypass the blockage. [..] In this particular case anyone can use Anonymous proxy and bypass firewall!

Youtube, eSnips etc are very common and useful services. If Bangladesh Govt think any particular Audio and Video harmful for our society they could directly request Youtube to remove them. Such wild blockage is not only stupidity but also raises question about Govt's intention.
Some bloggers like Kayes Mahmud are providing proxy links so that others can access the blocked contents. Razon Sun points out that the contents of the meeting at Shenakunjo have already been published in a local newspaper [bn]. So there is actually no logic to block the internet. It may be mentioned here that Bangladeshis outside Bangladesh can easily access to these contents, which can be downloaded and shared by email.

Sushanta says:
প্রচারনা বন্ধ করার আগে দেখেন কিভাবে এটা রেকর্ড হলো? প্রথমে কোন সাইটে এটা আপ্লোড হয়েছে। সেনাকুঞ্জের সভার ভিডিও টা দেখেন ভালো করে কোন সেনা কর্মকর্তা মোবাইল হাতে চুপেচাপে রেকর্ডিং করছে। এটা ধরা তেমন কঠিন কাজ না।

Before trying to block the audio/videos please see how it was recorded and where it was first uploaded. Please check the video of the Shenakunja meeting to pin point who recorded it. It is not hard to find out.
Russell vents his frustration:
What's ironical is that it's the same Government that talks about "Digital Bangladesh" all the time. We now know what Digital Bangladesh is like.
Now the question is how to unblock YouTube and other file sharing sites in Bangladesh. We have seen in previous cases that the authorities do not recognize that such bans were carried out in the first place shifting the blame to technical glitches. In the absence of 'Right To Information Act' it is hard for a common citizen to ask why it was done. We hope that the authorities will unblock all these sites to prevent more controversies and bad publicity for the government.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Nari Jibon Development Foundation has set up Volunteer Peer Educators group to promote awareness on HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence, Early Marriage etc

By Golam Rabbany Sujon

Nari Jibon Development Foundation is providing skill training programs and awareness activities from March 2005. Nari Jibon offers Bengali, English, Tailoring and Computer Micro Soft Office program, Photography and Graphic design classes to the young underprivileged women & girls in Bangladesh. Students pay very nominal registration fee for these courses. Nari Jibon also generated two blog sites (English and Bangla) by the students and staff and in this medium students can also increase their knowledge, English and computer skills. At Nari Jibon cyber café (women only) students can receive cyber services in a safe environment. Students from different communities come to Nari Jibon classes for receiving these courses such as different educational institutes, house holds, dropout garment workers, residence based sex workers spots, different beauty parlors and NGOs etc. Nari Jibon development Foundation used to provide awareness activities through workshop/seminars, discussion meeting, counseling and writing competition/blogging articles and outreach on the necessity of job skill training, HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and End violence against women, Early Marriage and Dowry Demand etc. Some staff of NJDF motivated students trained and established a group of students who are supposed to work as Volunteer Peer Educators to their respective communities on the above issues especially HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence as Nari Jibon students and staffs think that younger women are more vulnerable to these issues and adolescents can act a great role to prevent these issues. On the other hand these are the major and vital problem in Bangladesh. The following students received training and working as Peer Educators (with their voice):

Farzana Akter Tuli

My name is Farzana Akter Tuli and I am 24 years old. I am studying in Master’s first year in Begum Badrunnesa College. Besides I am also taking courses on English and Computer Ms Office Program from Nari Jibon Development Foundation.
I want to establish myself as a self reliant woman in our society. Being motivated from NJDF I am working as volunteer peer educator as we know HIV/AIDS is global problem and it has no treatment. I think we (young people) can reduce the problem if we are aware. Almost same way we can stop domestic violence, early marriage, dowry system from our society as we create this problem and this is possible only increasing awareness amongst us. I think we everyone should work to remove this from our socie

Jannatul Ferdouse Nargish

I am Jannatul Ferdose Nargish and I am 18 years old. Now I am reading honors 1st year in Govt. Titumir College in management. I completed Ms. Office Program course and English Course from Nari Jibon and now I am learning on Graphic Design Course.
In future I want to work in a Bank. AIDS is a dangerous and fatal disease in the world. Though Bangladesh is low prevalence but we are in great risk. I think we everyone should be aware about this dangerous disease and thus we can prevent it. I have already started to work as a volunteer peer educator and I think all the young people should start to work against spreading HIV/AIDS. We also should work together to stop violence against women, Child Marriage and Dowry system. I think younger people can keep great role to solve

Feroza Begum Poly

I am Feroza Akter Poly and I am 24 years old. Now I am reading in class HSC under Open University.
I have completed English, Computer Ms Office Program, Hardware and Business Management from Nari Jibon Development Foundation.
Now I am founder of Mukto Behango Cooperative Society and I am working there as joint Secretary. Many women are engaged with this co-operative Society and we are running business of spicy, candle and some other handmade goods.
Still now I come to NJDF office to use cyber café as I am a blogger too. Being motivated by NJDF staff I have started to work as volunteer Peer Educator as think if young people can organized we can solve many difficulties. Due to scarcity of prevention awareness many people affecting HIV/AIDS. We should to care everyone just now and stop spreading out. I also agreed that if we can organize we can stop domestic violence, early child marriage and dowry system from Bangladesh.

Rahima Akter Hira

I am Rahima Akter Hira and I am 23 years old. I am studying at Eden Mohila College in second year in Bachelor of Arts.
I am learning English and Computer Ms Office Program, Graphic Design and Photography. In future I want to be a Photographer.
I have started to increase awareness in Domestic Violence, prevention information on HIV/AIDS as we can prevent this only increasing awareness. I think younger people can contribute more to prevent these from our country and every people should work for promoting awareness on these serious harmful issues.

Jannat ara Amzad

My name is Jannat ara Amzad. I am 19 years old. I am reading at Begum Badrunnesa Sarkari Mohila College honors first year in Bengali.
I have learned English and Computer Ms Office Program and now I am learning photography at Nari Jibon Development Foundation.
I have started to increase awareness on HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence to my classmate friends and young relatives as a volunteer peer educator. I think every awareness young people should work to promote awareness on these issues and thus we can prevent dangerous issues.

Nawshin Tarannum Tushil

My name is Nawshin Tarannum Tushil and I am 21 years old. I am reading at Shiddeshary Degree College second year in Bachelor of Arts.
I have completed learning English and Computer Ms Office Program in Nari Jibon Development Foundation. Now I am learning Graphic Design Course at NJDF. My future plan is to be a teacher.
I would like to work as volunteer peer educator to promote awareness on HIV/AIDS and Domestic Violence to the younger students of my college and friend circles. I think we all (young people) should work to stop HIV/AIDS epidemic, Domestic Violence, Early Marriage and Dowry system. And thus we can stop these harmful issues from our society.

Surma Akter

My name is Surma Akter and I am 22 years old. Now I am studying second year in Bachelor of Arts at Shiddeshary Degree College.
I have completed learning English and Ms Office Program Course from Nari Jibon Development Foundation. Now I am taking Graphic Design course from there.
My future plan is to be a lawyer.
Being motivated I have started to work as a volunteer Peer Educator to promote awareness knowledge on HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and to stop Early marriage. I think only awareness activities can reduce this epidemic from our society and we (young people) have responsibilities to prevent these. Hadiya Akter
My name is Hadiya Akter and I am about 20 years old. At present I am studying in honors second year in Bengali at Shahid Shohrawardi College. My aim in life is to work as a teacher.
Besides I am also learning English and Computer Ms Office Program at Nari Jibon Development Foundation.
Being motivated I am working as a volunteer peer educator to increase awareness to my classmate friend circles on HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and Child marriage. I think if we can make aware young people in our society we’ll be able to reduce these harmful issues from our society.

Tamanna Dilshad

I am Tamanna Dilshad and I am 18 years 7 months year old. Now I am studying in honors first year in Management at Govt. Eden Mohila College. I want to take a job in the Bank.
I am learning English and Computer Ms Office Program course from Nari Jibon Development Foundation.
I have started to work as a volunteer peer educator to promote awareness on HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and stopping Child marriage from our society. I think if we can create awareness to the young people in our society we’ll be able to reduce these dangerous issues from our country. We also need to work together to promote awareness to the every community in our country.

Sharban Tahura

My name is Sharban Tahura and I am 20 years old. I am reading in honors first year in Accounting at Shahid Shohrawardi College. In future I want to work in any Bank.
I am also learning English and Computer Ms Office Program at Nari Jibon Development Foundation.
I am very appreciated to work as volunteer educator to increase awareness on some vulnerable issues in our society. As HIV/AIDS is global problem and it is incurable, we should work together to prevent this to promote awareness amongst younger people. I think we can also reduce Early Marriage and Dowry system from society to create awareness on these issues from our society.

Ferdouse ara Uzma

My name is Ferdouse ara Uzma and I am 18 years old. Now I am reading at intermediate first year at Sheddeshary Girls College. My future plan is to be Computer Engineer.
Now I am learning English and Computer Ms Office Program at Nari Jibon Development Foundation. Being motivated I have started to work as volunteer peer educator at my college campus. I want to promote awareness on HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence and Early Marriage as I think we can prevent these issues to increase awareness. I also think young people can contribute more to reduce these harmful issues from our society.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Narijibon students/bloggers celebrated Pahela Falgun-3

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In the Pahela Falgun celebration program, Jannatul Fardoush danced with one of the popular Bengali songs Bristi pore tapor tapor (pattering noise as of rain falling).

Narijibon students/bloggers celebrated Pahela Falgun-2

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Israt Jahan and Sonia Akter danced with one of the romantic Bengali songs chupi-chupi bolo.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Narijibon students/bloggers celebrated Pahela Falgun

13th February was the first day of spring. Spring, this season brings color and festivities in the minds of people, lighting up the hearts of all age and life and living. Narijibon bloggers arranged a programme of several events with traditional songs, dance and recite poems to celebrated Pahela Falgun. They started their programme with one of most popular Rabindra Sangeet “Aha aje a basanta”(aha in this spring) watch more from video…

On the 1st Falgun

By Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa]

On the first Falgun, 1415 [Bengali month, year] Bengali people celebrate this day with a great joy. Many cultural programs are arranged on this day. Bengali girls & women wear Saree. People prefer yellow color based dresses on this day. From 1st Falgun the Winter season gets to end and the king of the seasons Spring starts. The nature starts changing in new beauty. In the winter season the nature becomes rough & lifeless. After the winter the nature decorates her with new leaves & many colorful flowers. That’s why Bengali people cheer on this day and pass the day with festive & gay mood.

I also celebrate this day with my friends & family. On this 1st Falgun I celebrate with my newly married brother & sister-in-law. We had a trip to Munshigonj by ship. We started our journey from Buriganga River and end our journey at Shitalaksha River. We went to my brother’s friend’s home. It was like a picnic. My brother’s friend arranged everything. The journey was for two hours. When we reached at Munshigonj we found many types of hand made cakes, paste of different fruits & drinks were arranged for us. At noon we had Kacchi Biriany as lunch. In the afternoon curd & tea were arranged. We passed some times at the side of Shitalaksha River. In the evening we started our journey for Dhaka. We had a great fun there. We are really grateful to my brother’s friend Mr. Jubaidur Rahman Khan for giving us a wonderful trip on 1st Falgun.

At the Riverbank

Jubaidur Vaia with his Daughter & My Borther Bipul

I am with my sister-in-law Tithi

With my Brother

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First time I went to a Far Place & Enjoyed Freely

Cross posted from Kajol

Some days ago we went to Rarikhal at Bikrompur. There are Jogodish Chondro Basu’s home, school & college. There we went total nine people. First time I went to any far place without my mother. So I really enjoyed that situation. At first every person came to our office (Nari Jibon). We went there by bus. We reached at Bikrampur within two hours. The place was very beautiful. So we took some beautiful scenery’s pictures. There we had more fun. First time I enjoyed freely. We took a Nari Jibon’s student’s mother as our guardian. Her home district is Bikrampur. We took her with us because she knows the place very well. After taking some pictures we went to Srinogor and visit the river of Padma. There we also made Fun. After that we started our journey for Dhaka. We had a great fun there. That’s why we will again make a plan to go there. I wish we will go there soon.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pictures from Harti Culture Center

Gulshan Lake Park
Mohtarimun Nahar Bipa

Flower Garden

Dalia Flower

Salvia Flower

Calandula Flower

Flox Flower

Nastashiam Flower

The Lake

The Sun Set

Reflection of the Sun Set in the Lake

Trees at Gulshan Lake Park

A Small Bridge

Kanta & Bipa

Kanta & Bipa