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Monday, May 28, 2007

The Peasants of Bangladesh

The peasants have another name, that is farmer. Those who grows crops in the field are called farmers. Without their help, we can’t eat rice, dal, vegetables, tea, sugarcane, wheat, etc. Beside these, we cannot earn foreign currency without them. Our cash crops are: jute, tea, tobacco, and shrimp.

In our country, most probably 80% of the people are farmers. They are our asset. We are the inhabitants of Dhaka and the other cities in Bangladesh; we are leading our life comfortably because, the farmers are making our life easy by growing food. For these reasons, they are our asset.

There are some differences between farmers of other countries and those from our country. Those are:

In our country:

The peasants are most helpless. They are helping us in every moment but we are not giving respect to them. Some people think they are lower class people. Our producers deserve better than this. We should take care of them.

In other countries:

The peasants are in a better situation than ours. Above all, they are treated as a valuable asset from their nation. They are the most honorable persons to all in their country.

So, we should respect to the peasants for their work.

written by Ayasha Siddika