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Nari Jibon Project seeks to increase our students’ and staffs’ abilities through different ways: classes, practice, computers, internet, and now the Narijibon Blog. Readers and writers (our students & staff) of the Blog will both learn about our lives, culture, Nature, activities of people in Bangladesh and the Nari Jibon Project.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bloggers profile (Students)

Papia Hossain Shampa

"My name is Papia Hossain Shampa. I was born in 16th January in 1983 in Dhaka. My future plan is to do a private job. My mother is a house wife. I live with them. I have no brother and sister.

I can not recollect all the memories of my childhood. But some of the memories of my childhood of school days are still in my mind. When I read in class six, my father got me admitted in a government school where I spent ten years. On the first day when I entered the school compound with my father, the children were enjoying themselves. I might not be quite free and easy in their middle. My heart began to beat fast. When I was taken to the headmaster then his smiling face and gentle words put me to be easy. He used to inspire me to do well in the examination. He was my best guide. I could never forget him. I have passed my Secondary School Certificate in 2000 from Khilgaon Girls High School and Higher Secondary Certificate in 2002 from Shiddaswari Degree College. I have also passed B.S.S in 2006 from Shiddaswari Degree College. Now I got admission in M.S.S in Chittagoang. It is my favorite place. It is really impossible to describe the beauty of the rising sun at the sea beach of the Bay of Bengal in Cox’s Bazar.

My favorite book is ‘Himu’, that is written by Humaun Ahammed. My hobby is gardening. I have a garden in front of my reading room. Whenever I get time I work in it. I water the plants regularly. The garden looks very charming. Reading books and watching movie are also my hobby. After completing my education, I will do a job. I want to be a Banker.

First I came to Nari Jibon with my friend. Here I am learning English and Computer. I enjoy learning here. Teachers are also good here. They are very friendly.

Blog is a new subject for me. I heard for the first time about blog from here. I am a new Blogger. I feel very happy to be a part of the Blog Project. We can share our Bangladeshi culture, social values, religion, music, art, profession etc to any other countries through the Blog writing. The most important part of the Blog is it brings out the creativity and talent of people by writing. I feel very proud and happy when I find my own writing on blog. "

Nelufa Akter

"My name is Nelufa Akter Rumi. I was born in Dhaka in 1992. My birthday is on 5th January. I live in Dhaka. My father’s name is Mr. Aoul Khalek. My father is a government service holder. My mother’s name is Mrs. Fatema. She is an ideal mother and house wife to me. We are six sisters. I am the youngest from all. I read in class IХ.

Our country, Bangladesh is a very wonderful and beautiful country. My favorite place is the Chittagong. My hobby is traveling, hearing music, reading books and watching television.

My future plan is to be a good actress or teacher. I was informed about Nari Jibon Project from my sister. Now I am a student of English-1 section."

Friday, November 30, 2007

Once in a Moon-lit Night

By Sherin Sultana

Today the urban life is of brick and stone. The natural beauty is not seen to our sight. The nature is defeated by men’s artificiality. She doesn’t get her proper value still the nature comes to the earth with her own elegance and glory.

Some days ago the electricity had gone at night. As usual all of us were gossiping. At that time I went to the balcony and suddenly I became so much wondered that I can’t express. The moon-light in Dhaka city can be such beautiful, was not known to me. I think the moon-light was really exceptional on that day and the whole world was overflowed by moon light. I wished to bath in the rain of the moon-light, and run away from the crowded place to any unknown soundless place.

I am in Dhaka city since many years but I couldn’t feel in my mind that I saw the moon-light and feel like so much exiting in this way. That scene had driven me mad. Maybe I didn’t get time or opportunity to observe this.

I couldn’t do anything on that night. I was just looking out side only. I remembered about those days of mine when I was in the village. The nature always plays with its natural beauties. I can remember how many times I passed without sleeping and by gossiping in the moon-lit night. I used to walk in the narrow path [village road] in the silver moon-light. I felt to hold the moon-light. In this way I wanted to feel the moon-light. At that time I thought, the nature becomes beautiful in the moon-lit-night only in the village. But now I realized that moon-light is always beautiful in every place.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyclone sidr and my experience

By Taslima Akter

Bangladesh swallowed by terrible Cyclone again after 1991. The name of this cyclone is sidr. Sidr’s blew all Bangladesh with coastal area. The costal areas of Bangladesh were mass of ruins in one night. Today is 11th day of sidr. Inferential in this cyclone there are 40 million people and 9 million residential house partially or fully sustain. There are million people distressed and passing their life fearfully. Million people are passing their night under the open sky and there is very grave position of women and children. Although many organization and generous people are helping the distressed people but that is not sufficient for all. I want to share my little experience with Nari Jibon blog readers:

Thursday (15.12.07) morning at 6:30am we caused to depart to the Sylhet. I and my family traveled to Sylhet for visiting the Sahjalal Mazar (one of the famous Mazar of Bangladesh). On Wednesday whole day the sky was cloudy and we heard the news from television and read the news about cyclone. But we didn’t thought that how horrible this cyclone sidr might be. Thursday morning sky was very cloudy and strong wind was blowing with rain. Driver was driven the car slowly. We reached in Sylhet at 1:00pm. I sat beside the window of the car and seeing outside scenery. When we reached in Sylhet it was raining heavily and strong wind was blowing all around. We reached to the mazar wet in rain. When I stayed in Mazar I felt peace in my heart and forget everything about bad weather. I received a phone call from Rafiq Bhai (director of Nari Jibon project) and knew about situation of Dhaka and also informed that tomorrow (Friday) the office will be closed due to cyclone sidr. Then I afraid and wanted to returned to Dhaka hurry. Gradually the weather was becoming very bad in Sylhet area.

After having lunch we took sit in bus at 3:30pm. That journey was long journey in my life and I enjoyed the journey but also was afraid of upcoming cyclone situation. I enjoyed the natural beauty of sylhet and thought how beautiful is Bangladesh. In bus we heard a bad news of an bus accident and where 3 people are dead and more 20 people injured. After hearing this news we were very much anxious. Driver had driven the car slowly and carefully. When we crossed the Sylhet area, we found that car which one fall in accident. We can understand that the driver could not control the car for strong wind and rain. When we crossed Brahmonbaria area, we saw 2 other accident and after seeing this we got frightened and were counting the time when we could reach to Dhaka.

We reached to Dhaka at 9:30PM. We thanked the al mighty Allah that we could reached Dhaka safely but we didn’t know that we have to face inconvenient situation. When we were looking for transport to reach to our resident we could not get any. Every one was trying to reach their home fast because that time wind was so strong and it was raining cats and dogs. We can’t decide what we will do and we had to walk not getting any transport. I faced this situation in my life first. That was awful night for me. I walked in footpath holding my fathers hand and was seeing the situation of street people. They didn’t have any safe place to passed the terrible night. They were wetting in rain and sitting wrapping poly-thin in their body. At last we reached our home fully wet in rain. I felt pain in my legs. After taking dinners we tried to sleep but could not due to for roaring of cyclone.

At about 3:00am I got a phone call from my aunty she informed us that some robber attacked her house and tried to broken the door. She shouted but nobody heard her voice due to strong wind and rain. We were very much worried about her. And that time mobile network was almost down and sometimes we didn’t get her mobile connection due to network problem. Finally we got to know that the robber could not enter her house and we got rid of tension. We passed that night fearfully. I and my family became sick as we had to wet in rain. On Friday I took rest all day long. We had to face the electricity and water problem.

Saturday morning I came to Nari Jibon office. I saw the newspaper and knew that how the cyclone sidr destroyed the costal area of our country and thousands of people killed, thousands of house destroyed and damaged crops of thousands hectors. If we compare the cyclone with the cyclone of 1991 then we could see in this year more crops & houses are damaged but less people are killed this year. We are seeing in TV and news paper that many national and international organizations are helping the cyclone victims along with Bangladesh govt.