Purpose of Narijibon Blog

Nari Jibon Project seeks to increase our students’ and staffs’ abilities through different ways: classes, practice, computers, internet, and now the Narijibon Blog. Readers and writers (our students & staff) of the Blog will both learn about our lives, culture, Nature, activities of people in Bangladesh and the Nari Jibon Project.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Successful History of Nari Jibon Students

Shireen Sultana

I am Shireen Sultana, aged 24. At the end of my study I started to search job but I was not succeed. Everywhere needs job skill. I was informed about Nari Jibon from one of my friends where women & girls get effective job training. I started to learn English and Computer from Nari Jibon. At the end of my course I started to search job using Nari Jibon cyber café. I submitted my portfolio to the bdjobs com and some other places and in last March 2009 I was offered to join in a foreign multinational Company as Customer Service. I received Tk. 8000 with some other facilities like lunch and conveyance. I was a regular blogger at Nari Jibon and received several training on blog maintenance. I became more skilled on English and computer exercising bloging e Nari Jibon cyber café. Really I praise the programs that Nari Jibon provides only for women. I want to say that there are some cyber café in Dhaka city but women don’t want to use these due to their unsafe environment for young women. Sometimes I used to come to use Nari Jibon Cyfer Café but I am very shocked to see that Nari Jibon stopped their cyber café services due to donation problem. I pray to Allah that Nari Jibon will be able to continue their best services soon to the women like me and other underprivileged women in Bangladesh. I am very thankful to Nari Jibon and who supported Nari Jibon.

Afia Akter

My name is Afia Akter and aged about 23. I have studied up to class-14 (Degree). I was searching a job beside I was working as a private tutor. I have completed English and Computer course from Nari Jibon. Last week in this month I have joined in private organization as a “Data Entry Operator”. This is contract basis job. I am grateful to Nari Jibon as I learned English and Computer from Nari Jibon and I got sufficient time for practicing. I thing Nari Jibon provides effective skill training especially I learned how to write standard Resume, Cover letter/application e portfolio in English classes and online application. Blogging is another option that makes women & girls more skilled in English and Computer and aware about the modern world. Special thanks to Dr. Kathryn B Ward who is the main founder and have enough sympathy for the Bangladeshi women and also thanks to all the teachers and staff.