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Saturday, February 9, 2008

My Best Friend

By Sifat Binte Quiyum

People cannot live alone. From the ancient time, they started to live in groups. For better socialization, better life we are to live in groups. Friends are very common & important part in these groups.

Friendship is the most important part of our life. At present, we cannot live without friends. When babies are born, then they live in families. When they are grown up then they are used to going to playgrounds, schools and make friends. They make their own friend’s group.
I think faith is the main pillar of friendship. To me friend is a person with whom we can share everything of our life. Friends can show us the right ways, can alert us if we do any wrong thing. We can pass a nice time with them; share our feelings, our problems.

I have many friends. Now I am writing about one of my best friends.

One evening I was very upset. At that time, I got a missed call on my cell phone. After sometimes, I called him back. He received the phone and said ‘sorry’ for giving me the missed call. After hearing his voice, I was confused because his voice was same as one of my school friend’s voice. When I talked to him, my mind became fresh; I do not know the reason. From that time our friendship had started.

Eight months ago, I saw him for the first time. Sometimes I used to like him so much because he is my best friend and sometimes I did not like him because I cannot remember even a single day that he talked to me without fighting.

He used to get angry in every single point. If I say to go to right side, he goes to the left side and influences me to go to left. I like ‘Fuchka’ very much but he says ‘Yeak’. I like ice-cream but he says it is cold and bad for health.

He walks so faster than I do. That is why I cannot catch him. He does not care that I am walking with him or not. Maybe I am very much caring for him. Therefore, we are so good friends. I like him because when I face any problem he tries to help me anyhow. Though we do not live in the same city, but when I need any kinds of advice and any help then I call him at first. He always alerts me not to do any fault.

Anyway, lastly he is a good person and a good friend of mine. Always he frankly helps me. Before I say him anything, he can understand my problems. He is my best friend forever. I wish he will be fine always and he will never forget me. I hope our friendship will stay forever.......

Friday, February 8, 2008

Need your vote for electing Cox’z Bazar and Sundar ban as Natural New Seven Wonders in the world

By M. G. Rabbany Sujan

We have heard the name of Seven Wonders of the World. These were made by men and these were not changed long days. After electing new seven wonders in last July 2007 new seven wonders foundation started to elect new natural seven wonders in the world.

To elect natural seven wonders our Cox’s Bazar sea beach (Bangladesh) and Sundar ban (Bangladesh & India) has created wonder to us at the starting time. 158 places in the world selected in the primary selection. In the evening of last 27th December 2007 Cox’s Bazar, the longest and dense sea beach in the world took first place and Sundar ban, the biggest mangrove forest in the world (Bangladesh &India) took second place.

Cox’s Bazar sea beach

Sundar ban

In the primary selection there are 158 places selected in the world. In this chart there are 51 places of America, 31 places of Europe, 27 places of North America, 30 places of Asia, 19 places of Africa and 10 places of Oceania.

At present voting through internet is going on and it will be continued up to 31st December 2008. Up to last 4th December 2008, Cox’s Bazar and Sundar ban were able take place first and second place. To capture of present status we everyone need participation in this election up to last time. We have to cast our vote for Cox’s Bazar and Sundar ban.

What you need for voting and what you have to do:
First you have to have an E-mail address. You have to go www.new7wonders.com/nature/ in this address. There you can see a map of the world in green color. There are several areas and you have to select Asia. Then you will found 30 places. Then you have to click on Cox’z Bazar and you will see the picture of Cox’s Bazar where below you can see its present status. Same to same you can select Sundar ban too. At the bottom you can see “Vote now for” and you can click for voting for this place.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chorus song of some Bloggers

Some of English/Bangla bloggers are singing a song “We shall over come some day” in 2nd Blog workshop of Nari Jibon.