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Thursday, August 7, 2008

English Class Assignment

Q: How do you spend your free time?

Ayesha Sanjida Synthia

I am Synthia. Recently, I passed my S.S.C exam. After finishing my S.S.C exam I had a lot of free time. For spending my free time, I got admitted in Nari Jibon Project. Here, I am taking courses on English & Computer because, both of these are important for our life. I also spend my free time by reading books and watching TV.

Asia Afrin Anni
ID: 862

I spend my free time by doing those works that I like to do. Such as reading novels, watching Cricket and Long Tennis on television, writing something on papers, hearing songs on radio, taking some rest, talking with somebody on current topics of Bangladesh, thinking about my future, my family and relatives etc.

English Class Assignment

Q: Why do you want to learn English? How will this course help you in your life?

Naoshin Tarannum
ID: 837

English is the most important language today. It is the only language for international aviation and international navigation. So the world cannot do anything without it. English literature is very rich and resourceful. Most of the scientific researches all over the world have been carried out in English. Books of science are also written in English. It is therefore, obvious that English has become essential in the field of science. We shall have to face the worst consequences if we fail to learn English. It will simply stop our entrance to the world. Only learning English can promote our trade, commerce, communication, job facilities, etc, all over the world. We must not ignore it. So I think English learning is so important for me. All work I can do easily by learning it. And it will help me in my life.

Asia Afrin Anni
ID: 862

I want to learn English because it is an international language and at present it is as necessary as Bangla in every step. It helps me in my educational life and also to communicate with the people who do not know Bangla. Therefore, I want to learn it.

This course will help me in my life by making myself at home in English which will help me to develop myself and career in future because in this century English needs everywhere.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My family

Cross posted from Rafiq's Eye

In my student life (specially when I was studying in college and university) I saw many unhappy families, bad relationship of husbands and wives in their conjugal lives that lead me to make decision of not getting married. I really decided not to get married but when I saw Tora (My wife later) I forgot about my decision. It seemed to me that time that this is the girl whom I was looking for throughout my life. I was sure that she would be my best friend and life partner. We both fell in love and were passing time happily. We got married later and Tora became my real best friend. We got a new life and my vagabond life ended in this way.

Our first child ‘Moin’ was born after five years of our marriage. Getting him our lives became more beautiful. We were passing our happy days with him. When Moin was seven years old we got our second child (that time a female child) Radia. Our lives became full to the brim. Radia is now three years running. Moin, Radia and Tora are my world now.

I am a happy man. Most of the people of the world have problem. I also have problem like; financial problem and some physical problems. But whenever I stay with them I forget about all the problems.

I am the tutor of my children. Tora is also my student. She learns English from me. She is very much eager to learn English. She would like to talk fluently in English.I have to answers hundreds of questions of my children and wife almost everyday. Sometimes I become tired of answering questions but most of the time I love to answer. My children move around me when they get me at residence. Radia says, “Baba (father) feed me, take me to the bathroom, clean me, tell me story etc”. Moin used to do so when he was at Radia’s age. Moin sometimes asks me some strange questions like, why are the men born, why do they die? And also many computer related questions. I can not answer his entire questions at times. Moin is now ten years old and is studying in Monipur high school in class four. He would like to be a computer scientist. He loves to play with computers whenever he gets times. Somewhere he is more advanced than me in computer My children and wife likes hearing song and also to sing (I too).

Tora is partner of my all the well and woe. We share our happiness, sorrows, tensions and anxieties to each other. There is nothing secret in between us. I think this is essential to be happy in conjugal life. I have seen many girl/women in my life but Tora is exceptional. I never had seen a good girl like her. I am really fortunate to have her as my friend/wife/life partner.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My childhood with my mother by Nari Jibon students

Student’s blog writings in their computer class:

Syeda Mahmuda Akhter, Id#884

"I am Syeda Mahmuda Akhter. I was born at Sonargoan which is a very nice place of Bangladesh. My mother was a beloved mother. When I was child, my mother looked after me very carefully and sincerely. My mother loved me very much because I was a very good student and I always stood first in my class. My mother is an ideal mother. She is honest, sincere and also very beautiful to look at. My school was in morning shift and everyday my mother made my breakfast early in the morning. She is a house-wife and she passed her time routinely. I always try to follow her. I am very friendly with my mother. At my childhood she was a friend, teacher and first of all my beloved mother. It was dreamed to her that I will be a doctor and now-a- day I succeed. When I was sick, she gave a good nursing to me restlessly and until I was alright she always beside me. My mother is also a very good cook. When she cooked delicious foods most of my friends were come to our house and ate vigorously. My mother is ideal to me. I was very happy and felt proud of her. I found peace to look her face. She is the best mother in my eyes in the world. I love my mother very much."

Surma Akter, ID# 691

"My name is Surma Akter. My father’s name is Mahafuzul Hoque and My mother name is Nilufa Akther. I read in B.A 2nd year. My mother is a housewife. I passed my childhood nicely with my mother. She always tried to cheer me but I was crying all time. I started my school life when I was six. I went to school regularly due to my mother angriness. Along with all of these things my childhood time was very beautiful. I was independent and gladly in my childhood with my mother. I played football, cricket, badminton with my friends. I love my mother. I can not forget my childhood."

Shahida Akter Moina, Id# 799

"My name is Shahida Akter Moina. I am a student. I come from Moghbazar warless colony. My father is a Government service holder. I was born in Dhaka. I passed my childhood with my mother and my family. My mother is a house wife. Her name is Amena Begum. My mother is the best mother. I respect my mother and she loves me. My mother is my best friend. She helps me in my all works, all decisions."

My childhood with my mother by Nari Jibon students

Student’s blog writings in their computer class:

Sharmi Das, Id#868

"My childhood memory is so beautiful. I love my mother very much. My mother is a great mother in the world. She helps me in my whole work. Every moment of my childhood I passed with my mother. My mother gave me many dolls and toys on my 5th years birthday ceremony. Everyday I slept with my mother. At that time she told me many interesting story. First time I went to school with my mother. Always she inspires me in every work. Every time I feel my mother. She loves me very much."

Urmi Das, Id#867

"My mother is the best mother in the world. She loves me very much. She always looks after me. I love my mother very much. Every time she helps me. My mother is the best teacher in my life also she is a good friend for me. My mother always prays for me. In my childhood she played with me. She is very calm and quite. She loves me very much. She is my favorite person."

Busrat Binte Qaiyum, Id# 741

"My mother name is a Lily Qaiyum. She is a housewife. I spent much time of my childhood in my grandfather’s house because on that time my father stayed to foreign country. So on that time my mother was to take care of me. My childhood was very memorable to me. In my childhood my mother took care very nicely of my all sides. When I slept, my mother awoke to me. My study started from my mother. In my childhood I was very naughty but my mother handle it very lovely without any angry speech. On that time my mother never got me feel to miss my father’s love."

Firoza Begum Poly, Id# 130

"I am poly. My mother name is Razia Islam. I love my mother and my mother also loves me. She helped me in my all work. When I sang a song, my mother jointed with me. I liked to play but my mother did not like to play. I liked to cook and I helped my mother when she cooked. "

My childhood with my mother by Nari Jibon students

Student’s blog writings in their computer class:

Jannatul Fardous Shathy, Id# 829

"My name is Jannatul Fardous Shathy. I read in class eight. My school name is T&T high school. My father’s name is Md. Haider Ali. He is a service holder. My mother’s name is Mrs. Nargis Akter. She is a housewife. My childhood is very memorable. When I was child, I was very naughty. I always played with my friends. My mother told me to read book. However, I did not care. When I became sick my mother felt upset. Moreover, she told my father to take me clinic. My mother always help me in every work. She told me to respect elder, and love younger. But I always beat my younger brother. And my mother beat me. When she beat me, my little brother was laughing. My father, he does not love me. He always loves his son. I don’t know why? But sometimes, he loves me. I always try to help him in his every work. However I love both of my mother and my father and always pray for them."

Rasmy Akter Jui Id# 891

"My childhood is so memorable that I had not forgotten it or in my childhood there were many reminiscence with my mother. My mother name is Mrs. Razi Halim. She loves me very much from her core mind. I love her very much. She is a first woman who taught me. She always affectionate to me and I couldn’t fill my nice dream without my mother. When I was six years old she took me school. Now I am a student of a college. She gets up early in the morning and makes breakfast for me. When I became sick, my mother takes care of me. I feel very proud with my mother. She is very precious for me. I can’t think my world without her love."

Aklima Akter Akhy, Id#866

"I am Aklima Akter Akhy. I was born in Dhaka. My childhood is passed in Dhaka. My mother is the dearest person to me in the world. She comes of a poor family but she completed her MA degree in great hardships. Now she is a school teacher. I heard from her students that she is one of the popular teachers of her school. She is very punctual in her daily routine both for family and her occupation. I was very lazy in childhood. My mother didn’t like it. My mother always called me Akhy moni. I am one daughter of my mother. My mother looks very beautiful. She loves all of my family member. I love my mother."

Hridi, Id#855

"My childhood with my mother was the sweetest days of my life. She helped me in my all works. She gossiped with me and played with me as a friend. In my childhood when I took food she must had to tell stories. If she didn’t so I did not eat. She took me with her wherever she went. Even still she is doing this. She is very much caring about me. She always tries to give me all these things which I want to her. We discuss our problems together and solve them. My mother love me very much and I also love her very much."

Youth Human Rights and Journalism Camp 2008

Relief International is an International NGO (Non Government Organization) working in Bangladesh to promote, use and integrate the Information and Communication Technologies in education and development. Recently, they have implemented a project titled “Media Access and Education for Human Rights: Bangladesh”. To get more information visit: www.media-humanrights.org. The project targets the Rural and Semi-urban Youths, Local Journalists, Media Professionals and the Public at large, and implements enabling Technologies appropriate to the existing infrastructure. They arranged a residential Youth Human Rights and Journalism Camp 2008 with secondary school students from 14 July to 16 July, 2008 at BRAC TARC in Savar.

They had invited several journalists from different sectors to conduct the session on role of Journalism, Rights to Information, Freedom of Speech, Interviewing Technique, Writing for Newspaper, Blogging, etc. So that students be encouraged to choose the Journalism as a noble profession to build up their career. They invited me to attend this camp as a resource person. There I discussed “Use of ICT in journalism online media and role of Blogging in raising awareness”.

In 3 days long camp my session was held on 15th July, 2008 at 2pm to 3pm. Participants came from four different districts:- Khulna, Comilla, Chittagong and Dhaka of Bangladesh and there were more than 22 students with teachers joined in my session. I presented how to start Blog, different blogging software, facilities of Blogging, photo Blogging, video Blogging, etc. So that students can start Blog and express their self as a Blogger. All the Students were very much enthusiastic to know about Blog as a new thing.

After my presentation I had taken a short test on my discussion. Most of the students answered very quickly and their answers were praiseworthy.

There was another resource person Mr. Kawsar Uddin, ICT reporter, “The Daily Sangbad”. His topic was “Citizen Journalism in Bangladesh”. I got lots of unknown information about citizen journalism from his discussion.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Lonely alone mother

Translated by Nilufa Parvin
Written in Bengali: Shahida Islam Mony

It seems to me very lonely, alone
I can’t realize why I feel so.
Life is very multifarious,
At times it is colored, again colorless
Why I feel so?
How sweet the people of the earth are!
How sacred they are!
But somewhere unholiness, vulgarity are concealed.
Mother cannot keep her child in the vicinity of her
Child cannot drop tears, keeping head on their mother’s chest
What a dalliance of god is!
Who knows?
Can you tell when, how this impertinence, misery will be removed?
Cause of this failure is that I am a mother?
Have I no power to keep my child in my neighborhood?
Law! It is also in opposite with mother in this country.
It seems to that after a definite age,
There is no right to live child with their mother.
How insufferable, ridiculous the incident of earth is!
The mother who doesn’t know law,
The mother who can’t become rebel,
She also misses her child.
So it should occurs that child of all mothers being mislaid
And to fill mother’s heart with loud lamentation.
What’s the benefit if I struggle?
What’s the gain if I glowing my chest with tears?
Who needs to go away he will depart,
Who likes to come back he will return,
But mother’s are groaning, weeping with her rending heart…
It’s only for mother
This silently abandoned alone shed tears only for mother
This is not for others.

Shahida Islam Mony has recited her own writing poem in the Narijibon blog workshop on flickr. Watch more from video…

My childhood with my mother by Nari Jibon students

Student’s blog writings in their computer class:

Asia Afrin Anni, Id #862

"Mother is the first word of my mouth. Nothing is comparable to my mother in the world. She gave me birth, brought me up with lots of care and tried to show me the right direction of life too. Now I am going to be young but she do not stop caring and thinking about me. She always put ready her helping hand for me. In every type of works, she helps me to do it. When I become sick, she takes care of me throughout the whole day. When I want to eat something delicious, she cooks that for me. I can go to college alone but she goes there along with me so that nothing can harm me. In every phases of my life, she proves herself my friend but I can not prove myself like her. I am a person of an uncommon nature who has feelings for everybody but can not show them. Thus I have loving feelings for my lovely mother but I can not express it. However, my mother is lovely and affectionate for me and I like her forever. "

Zannatul Ferdous Lisha, Id #861

"Everyman is want to stay in his childhood. My name is Zannatul Ferdous Lisha. In childhood we cannot do any thing without help by mother. My first teacher is my mother. My mother name is Rawson Ara begum. She has born in Pabna. She comes from religious family. She is house wife. She is very hard working woman. In my childhood I was very naughty girl. I always disturbed my mother. But she never angry with me. My mother takes care very well. When I was child I don’t wanted to eat. When my mother went to outsides I always started crying to go with my mother and all time she brought many things for me. She knows my choices very well. I got admitted to school when I was 5 years old. My first school name is Metropolitan School. My mother everyday took me in my school and waited 3 hours for me. I love my mother very much. I think she is the most beautiful and talented women. My mother is my favorite person. I pray for her long life."

Ayesha Sanjida Synthia, Id# 840

"I am Synthia. My mother’s name is Mrs. Niger Sultana. She is a house wife. She is also owner of a small business. She is the best mother in the world. I love her very much. My mother is very religious woman. My mother cooks very well. She cooks food for us. When my mother teaches us, she looks like a teacher. Sometimes she looks like a friend. My mother is dearest to me. She loves us very much. My mother joy knows no bounds when she finds me happy."

Shermin Chowdury Shikha, Id # 736

"My name is Shermin Chowdhury Shikha. My father’s name is Md. Delower Hossain Chowdhury and my mother’s name is Nurun Nahar. My childhood is very memorable. I have lots of memory with my mother in childhood. She is a house wife. She is the sweet mother in the world. My mother is very kind to others. She always loves and helps me in my every work. When I was sick, then my mother was taking care of me all time. I love my mother very much. Every mother is great in the world. But my mother is very great for me. I feel proud of my mother. "