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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have many Dreams

By Shakura

Old moments have gone. Time and tide wait for none. So, we should be more conscious about this. To waste time is a great foolish. I have many dreams; which are my New Year resolution.

Firstly; I want to go to abroad and my first choice is Australia. My future plan is to be established and get settled to a developed country.

Secondly; I wish if I became a social worker or a rich person; I would help the poor people of my country.

Thirdly; Bangladesh is a small country; but a large number of people are suffering from poverty. Bangladesh has had some notable successes in reducing its poverty from maintaining a steady growth rate of 5.0 percent. In the last two years, this growth rate, according to official figures, even surpassed 6.0 percent. The optimists give suggestions our government to increase the growth rate. I am very hopeful also.

Fourthly; the job vacancy is a one of the greatest problem in our country. A lot of people have not enough property or land. So, they have to struggle for this reason. Vacancy is centralized in the town. The livelihood in a city is very expensive; which the poor people cannot able to pay. And the other side, the well-learned people are increasing day by day. But the job vacancies are not increasing much. To get an honorable job is very difficult. So, I want to go abroad. In a developed country, there are enough job vacancies, much money and other facilities. I think- life is easier than our country. For this reason, I want to go to Australia and after two years I will transfer a lot of money to develop my country. It will try to pay my money to poor people for being self-reliant. I will try my best to be self-reliant. I will try my best for this purpose in my whole life. These are my New Year resolution.

New Year Brings New Hopes

By Shahzadi

New Year brings new hopes and views. Every one thinks in different ways. Good plans and its implement make things beautiful. Every one expects for the better days.Like everyone I have some plans for better future. I have two plans- first one is I will find a suitable job and I prefer teaching career. Second one is- I want to go abroad. If I get chance to go to abroad then I will go there. Cause my brother lives in America. So I will try to find there a great future and better environment and better opportunity.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Women are very conscious now


The women are abused in many ways. They are profaned by the men. When women go out some men tease them. It is shameful for us. Another shameful thing is- some young boys throw acid to girls’ faces and bodies. For this reason they are deception for the society. Some parents arrange early marriage of their daughters. Women are neglected in our society. Many men torture their wives for dowry. Some people try to kill their wives for dowry. Some husbands give divorce for money. Some men are use to drinking and coming back home at mid night. Some men have habit of gambling and when they loss money then they torture their wife. Actually women are tortured physically and mentally by husbands or in-laws. They use bad words. Their approach is very bad. It seems to me that the torturing from educated and illiterate people is different. Educated people torture mentally and illiterate people torture physically in our society. We have to improve our mentality, social awareness and financial condition. We need to do jobs. At present some women are very conscious. They are working at many places. Now they are not sitting on back bench. They are going forward.

A Hesitating Starting

Cross posted from Afrin’s Gallery

It was the first day of 2009. I hope all my reader and the people all over the world celebrate it pompously. But I could not. It was a shocking day for me. before starting new year, I always have some expectation to fulfill. This time I also have. Such as at 12 am, my first duty is to wish Allah and Hajrat Muhammad (Sm). Exactly I did. Then I tried to sleep but could not. What I slept was in opened eyes. In morning I thought to wake up at 6:15 am as I have to wish my new born sister and parents, wash myself, say my prayer and be ready for the college. But in morning, my mother suddenly said to me, “Get up, it is 7:30 am, do not you go to college?” when I was in deep sleep. I jumped and said, “What?”. In any way I wore my uniform and began running for rickshaw without eating nothing. Luckily I got a rickshaw and my rickshaw mate also. In the rickshaw I thought to wish my friend first after reaching college. But when I reached, I heard that my friend did not come. I really felt very sad. Then I faced problem in climbing stairs. I proceeded one stair and receded two stairs only because of fast. However I could climb. Then I attended the classes properly. The sixth class was going off. So I wished to eat something. I went to our college canteen to have a vegetable roll. To buy that I gave a 100 note to the seller. He checked the note and said me that the note was fake. I became astonished. Actually on 31 December, I gave a 500 note to a shopkeeper for change. He gave me five 100 note (4 was real and 1 was fake). While going to college, I took 1 note and that was the fake note. On that day I returned the note to that shopkeeper and saw that he did not check the note whether it was real or not. After reaching home I became fresh and sit to eat. I took rice, meat and pulse. When I mixed the food, my one finger slipped and some pulse spattered over my white uniform. I rubbed the place to remove the spot. But the yellow spot became purple. I feel like crying. These things was happened with me and kept me frightening. I hope these will not happen with anyone else.