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Friday, January 16, 2009

Women are very conscious now


The women are abused in many ways. They are profaned by the men. When women go out some men tease them. It is shameful for us. Another shameful thing is- some young boys throw acid to girls’ faces and bodies. For this reason they are deception for the society. Some parents arrange early marriage of their daughters. Women are neglected in our society. Many men torture their wives for dowry. Some people try to kill their wives for dowry. Some husbands give divorce for money. Some men are use to drinking and coming back home at mid night. Some men have habit of gambling and when they loss money then they torture their wife. Actually women are tortured physically and mentally by husbands or in-laws. They use bad words. Their approach is very bad. It seems to me that the torturing from educated and illiterate people is different. Educated people torture mentally and illiterate people torture physically in our society. We have to improve our mentality, social awareness and financial condition. We need to do jobs. At present some women are very conscious. They are working at many places. Now they are not sitting on back bench. They are going forward.

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