Purpose of Narijibon Blog

Nari Jibon Project seeks to increase our students’ and staffs’ abilities through different ways: classes, practice, computers, internet, and now the Narijibon Blog. Readers and writers (our students & staff) of the Blog will both learn about our lives, culture, Nature, activities of people in Bangladesh and the Nari Jibon Project.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

“Give me an Educated Mother; I will give you an Educated Nation”

By Nurunnahar Islam Munni

It is told that, education is the backbone of any nation. Without education none can prosper in life. Nobody can live a happy and successful life. But most of the time girls can not continue their education for many reasons. Therefore they become dependent on men and they are to face many unexpected situations.

Educated girls can lead her life with a good planning. They get physical and mental satisfaction than uneducated girls. She knows how to enjoy life and keep a happy family.

I think that educated girls are different from other girls. If girls become educated they will be conscious about their rights. Then they will be able to conduct their life in right way.

An educated mother can maintain her family and teach her children properly & give proper guidance. She can be very conscious about her children’s health and nutrition. She is more conscious about her family than an uneducated girl. Therefore it is told that “Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation”. So girls’ educations are not necessary only for herself or for her family, but it is also necessary for the whole nation.

Girls are learning in Nari Jibon English class

She can go ahead with men. She can remove superstitious of her family members by her wisdom and knowledge. She can provide better care for her family.

She can do job and can help her family financially. Day by day the living cost is increasing. So it is becoming tough to maintain a family on one’s income. An educated girl can do job and can help her family financially, better than an uneducated girl.

So we can say that if we can get an educated mother in every family, we will be able to give an educated and healthy future for the new generation.

I am in Myself

By Sherin Sultana

I live in Dhaka for my necessity. But I can not forget my village even for a moment. When I get any vacation I go home and pass my vacation very cheerfully. So all time I look forward very willingly for any vacation, to go home.

Now a day my mind is not good because I returned from my home some days ago after passing my vacation. It’s not a new matter. Every time after returning from home my mind becomes very sad, for some days. After some days I become easy.

In my vacation I went to my home. I got back all my happiness and joy when I went near to the closest persons of my family. It seemed to me that I found myself but I was not in myself before. There I passed all days with my younger brother. I visited to one’s another’s houses. I also passed my time by singing songs, gossiping with my family members & with my friends and in every evening we went for a walk at the riverside.

I passed my time by gossiping and making fun with my pet dog Tuktuki, my pet cat Monti and Ponti (Monti’s child). The water, winds, trees even every bit of dust, every thing of my native place seem very close to me. I forgot that I will have to come back in the busy Dhaka city.

But I found a great change on me between the present and the past life, when I was at my home with my family. In the busy Dhaka city now I also became a very busy person like city’s people. I lost all of my wants, joys and laughs for being busy and having pressure of real life.

I am to stay in this city for my necessity and I am to compromise with many situations, but I can not accept those from my heart. When I get a single moment I go back to my own world, make dream with a new hope. I pass my every moment by waiting for the day, when I will be able to go back to my home.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Journey from Dhaka to Baloakandi

By Mahfuza Parul

Last year some of my friends were decided to go to outside of Dhaka for a day. After discussing with my three friends we decided to visit a village, name Baloakandi. On 21 January, 2007 we went to the village Baloakandi. It is in the district of Munshigonj. That was our friend Shikha’s village. It was not far from Dhaka. It took only five minutes from Meghna Bridge.

We started our journey at 8.00 am by a private car. We reached at Baloakandi at 9.30 am. At first, we went to Shikha’s house. We were introduced to all the people of Shikha’s house. We gossiped and passed some times there. After taking our breakfast we went to visit the village.

There was a park near Shikha’s house. We went there and visited the whole park. The park was very nice. It was full of natural beauties. There were many trees in the park. We sat under a tree and gossiped for a long time.

From right me with my friends

We climbed upon a tree and took some photographs. In the park, there was a nice flower garden. In that garden, there were many beautiful flowers. We took many photos in the flower garden.

We went to other side of the park by crossing a small canal. There were only crops field around the canal. We plucked many cucumbers from the crop field. We ate those cucumbers as salad with our lunch.

At 5.30 pm, we started our journey to come back in Dhaka. We stopped our car beside the Meghna Bridge and passed sometimes beside the Meghna River. We took many photos on the bridge. The wild wind was blowing. We were enjoying lot.

When we stay at any river or sea side then it seems to me that every people’s mind becomes fresh and all the sorrows go away for some moments. So, when we were at the side of Meghna River then we forgot our all the sorrows, distress, the busy city life etc. We felt like a free bird in the enormous sky.

Shikha’s family members were very happy to get us. We enjoyed the journey and the place Baloakandi very much. We decided to make such journeys once or twice in a year. I wish we can keep our friendship forever.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Nari Jibon 2nd blog workshop /Training- January, 2008

Second workshop of Nari Jibon blog was held on Friday, January 11, 2008 at Nari Jibon. Mr. Shawn of Uncultured project (a former student of Notre dame and blogger of www.uncultured.com) was invited to conduct the workshop/training. Forty four students and fourteen staff attended the workshop. Trainer Mr. Shawn trained the students/staff (bloggers) how to take good picture, and video. He showed the rules of taking good picture and video. He trained the staff on podcast interview. He also shared his experience of visiting Cyclone Sidr affected area (showed picture and video).

Some of Nari Jibon English/Bangla bloggers sang a song ‘We shall over come some day” (both in English and Bangla). One computer student also recited her own writing poem on NJ blog.
Four students were selected and awarded as the best bloggers (Two from English and two from Bangla blog). They are Zannat Ara Amzad (The street beggar), Sherin Sultana (An anecdote of my friend, Mitu), Sufia Khatun (Protivar Bilupti- Abolished talent) and Nafisa Mobassara (Mayer dadur biye—Marriage of mother’s grand father). Three of them were given prize for their good post (one student/best blogger was absent).

Among staff Taslima Akter, Mohtarimun Naher Bipa and Golam Rabbany Sujan were acknowledged for their good effort in the blog activities (posting, Editing, Translation) and also for their good post. Taslima Akter was acknowledged for her video blogging and Video training, Golam Rabbany Sujan for nice post on Cyclone Sird and other good posts and Mohtarimun Naher Bipa for translating, editing and also for her good post ‘In south Asia, Bangladesh is one of the few countries that remain to be explored’. All others bloggers (students/staff) were also acknowledged for their good effort on Nari Jibon blog activities.

Mr. Shawn is briefing on Photo & Video blogging

Mr. Shawn is showing his video that he took from sidr affected areas.

One computer student is reciting her own writing poem on Nari Jibon blog.
Some Nari Jbon students are singing a song (Both in Bangla and English version).
Best blogger in English Zannat Ara Amzad taking prize from Director of Nari Jibon Project.

From left Sherin Sulatan (best bloggers in English), Mr. Shawn,
Nafisa Mobassara (best blogger in Bangla)