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Saturday, January 19, 2008

“Give me an Educated Mother; I will give you an Educated Nation”

By Nurunnahar Islam Munni

It is told that, education is the backbone of any nation. Without education none can prosper in life. Nobody can live a happy and successful life. But most of the time girls can not continue their education for many reasons. Therefore they become dependent on men and they are to face many unexpected situations.

Educated girls can lead her life with a good planning. They get physical and mental satisfaction than uneducated girls. She knows how to enjoy life and keep a happy family.

I think that educated girls are different from other girls. If girls become educated they will be conscious about their rights. Then they will be able to conduct their life in right way.

An educated mother can maintain her family and teach her children properly & give proper guidance. She can be very conscious about her children’s health and nutrition. She is more conscious about her family than an uneducated girl. Therefore it is told that “Give me an educated mother, I will give you an educated nation”. So girls’ educations are not necessary only for herself or for her family, but it is also necessary for the whole nation.

Girls are learning in Nari Jibon English class

She can go ahead with men. She can remove superstitious of her family members by her wisdom and knowledge. She can provide better care for her family.

She can do job and can help her family financially. Day by day the living cost is increasing. So it is becoming tough to maintain a family on one’s income. An educated girl can do job and can help her family financially, better than an uneducated girl.

So we can say that if we can get an educated mother in every family, we will be able to give an educated and healthy future for the new generation.


Unknown said...

good writing.

Moksadul Islam said...

Mothers please stop giving birth to many children ...

Slipknot said...
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Slipknot said...

Men stop making women pregnant!!
Instead start educating them!!

"If education is given to a man, only an individual is educated. If it is given to a women, the entire family is educated."
- Mahatma Phule