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Saturday, January 19, 2008

I am in Myself

By Sherin Sultana

I live in Dhaka for my necessity. But I can not forget my village even for a moment. When I get any vacation I go home and pass my vacation very cheerfully. So all time I look forward very willingly for any vacation, to go home.

Now a day my mind is not good because I returned from my home some days ago after passing my vacation. It’s not a new matter. Every time after returning from home my mind becomes very sad, for some days. After some days I become easy.

In my vacation I went to my home. I got back all my happiness and joy when I went near to the closest persons of my family. It seemed to me that I found myself but I was not in myself before. There I passed all days with my younger brother. I visited to one’s another’s houses. I also passed my time by singing songs, gossiping with my family members & with my friends and in every evening we went for a walk at the riverside.

I passed my time by gossiping and making fun with my pet dog Tuktuki, my pet cat Monti and Ponti (Monti’s child). The water, winds, trees even every bit of dust, every thing of my native place seem very close to me. I forgot that I will have to come back in the busy Dhaka city.

But I found a great change on me between the present and the past life, when I was at my home with my family. In the busy Dhaka city now I also became a very busy person like city’s people. I lost all of my wants, joys and laughs for being busy and having pressure of real life.

I am to stay in this city for my necessity and I am to compromise with many situations, but I can not accept those from my heart. When I get a single moment I go back to my own world, make dream with a new hope. I pass my every moment by waiting for the day, when I will be able to go back to my home.

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