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Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Memory Tale

Zannat Ara Amzad Liva

Today I just remember him,
Remember of those days,
Remember about his holding hand,
His eyes;

I remember of those days,
When his heart used to feel,
And love same as mine

I also remember of those days,
When two people
Used to walk by holding their hands;

I will never forget those days.

The Mentality has changed on Women’s outside working

Salma Siddiqa Mumu

To be a girl I feel that women are playing an important role every where in our life. Now they are not confined within the four walls of their parent’s or husbands’ house. They have come out from the kitchens and they are working beside the men. They are also participating in all the developing activities of the Government. They can maintain their families as well as doing outside works.

By getting higher education women are becoming pilots, doctors, engineers, teachers, administrators etc. They gain the ability to prove their worth. They are contributing a lot in the economy of the country. Now people can realize that true development of the county is impossible if women stay at home.

There is no need to say that women are playing a great role in the socio-economic area of our country. Women are participating in various activities to be financially independent. Day by day the financial pressures of children’s education, accommodation and daily expenses are becoming high. So they can’t maintain their families on their husband’s income. So some women are working because their incomes are needed to solve the growing costs of living. They just want to help their husband. Many families, especially the poor families’ welcome the women’s extra income.

Women are getting a great respect in the society by their earning power. But of course there is still a long way to cross to discover their full potentiality in the job marker.

Friday, December 28, 2007

For the first time I went to the Cox’s Bazaar!!

Written By Farjana Akter

During the last autumn I got a vacation. Our college was closed for one week. Then I made a plan with some of my friends. We wanted to go to outside from Dhaka in the vacation. After discussing with our parents we decided to go to Cox’s Bazaar.

We were six friends. In the early morning we started our journey to Cox’s Bazaar by train. We were very excited. We never go outside from Dhaka without our parents. In the train we enjoyed a lot. We passed our journey time by gossiping, playing cards and reading magazines. We reached at Cox’s Bazaar in the afternoon and rented three rooms in a hotel near the sea beach.

I had never gone to Cox’s Bazaar before. So I had a curiosity to see the sea. In the next morning we went for a walk at the sea beach. It was amazing. After seeing the scenery of the sea beach I became speechless.

We enjoyed the big waves splashing endlessly along the shore. We were amused at the frequent change of color of the sea. I felt like living there for forever.

We passed few happy hours at the sea beach everyday. We took bath there and played beside the sea beach. There we rode on the horse. We took many pictures of the nature. We bought many things and collected many stones, shells etc. Everyday we stayed there till sunset. The scenery of the sun set of the Bay-of-Bengal is unforgettable. It was really a wonderful scene, which is impossible to describe by writing. That can be felt only. I will never forget the enjoyable moments of Cox’s Bazaar in my life. We stayed for four days. It was really a wonderful experience of my life. And I feel that our country is the most beautiful country in the world.