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Friday, May 30, 2008

Silent tears of a woman

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Taufika Farzana

Even in the 21st century, Bangladesh is in the course of poverty and illiterate. Here the children of lower income family go to work instead of going to school. Their family is dependent on their income. There are enough needy girls around us whose lives go with distress. I’ll say about a girl, a black shadow of sorrow has come in her life.

The name of the girl is Jhorna. Every incident of her life is full of weeping; there is no shadow of happiness in her life. “Forests express the events of sorrow throwing weeping; we call spring (Jhorna). Forests express its events of sorrow but Jhorna did not express her distress and events of crying to others. She pressed down her sorrow with stone in her mind. She passed her frighten life patiently. The birth place of Jhorna is Faridpur. There she used to live with her along with her brother and sisters. They are six sisters and one brother. Jhorna is the third number in their family. Jhorna lost her father when she was three years old. Then the situation of their family became bad to worse. Other sister and brother used to contribute in the family before their marriage but after getting married they became busy in their own respective families. So, once Jhorna had to control their family and thus she was passing her difficulties life. In this time she also fell in love and got married. She was passing her conjugal life with happy by taking with two daughters and husband. Jhorna thought that her distress days had gone but she could not pass her happy family life so long because her husband left her. Sorrows were increasing day by day in her life. She went out for searching work to give food her mother and daughters. She started to work as a housemaid that was not sufficient to bear her family. So, she started to look another work and she got a job in our college canteen. Then she made her daughters admitted in a school. She has been working for six months in our college canteen. She can laugh living in such difficulties. She spends all of her earning money for living and prosecuting her daughters study. She can understand that there is no value of life without education. Her first daughter is reading in class-3 and younger one is reading in class-1. She has great hope; her daughter will be scholar offer being educated. She does want to make their life like her.

I think that love is not main thing in the life to live in this world, establishment is necessary. In our society women are disregarded, deprived and they are violated in many ways. So, all of us ought to make our position strong. We should go towards a new alight path.


Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Helen Sarkar

Oh! It’s beautiful to look at. Do you want to get marry? Hi, darling where are you going? Why are you walking alone? They are throwing these words towards me like arrow. It is not say who they are. Actually they remain stand on the roads side to talk their nasty words. The women of the society are the sufferer of them.

I am also one of them of this society. Why they will deduct me? It may my skin has been thick or I am going to feel less by hearing such nasty, obscene words every day. Thousands of women like me endure such type of odious behave silently. There is only one solution in this man rolled society and that is to take suicide warmly either by hanging with siling fan or taking poisonous substances.

We become thunder when heard to their mouth that women are the mother, they have to honor. Yes, they show honor but the process to show honor is different. And for that reason every day in the news paper it is seen the photo of acid burn helpless women or crying of a raped woman. Women are getting honor by this way day after day.

But I think why that is? They are not doing anything without talking with us. But when such type of unclean photo see and when see crying of deprived women then my mind cry loudly for them. What is the security, such type of events will not happen in my life?

What is the benefit making the future dark in living behind hail in fear? We suffer mental depression and cried many times. Is anyone helps these helpless women? So we have to be accumulated and break down the backbone of uncivil if we want to live. Why they will win to our strength? Have to give punishment these uncultured persons. They have to understand right is equal to everyone.

In that, if you seems you have dream and energy don’t be upset either protest loudly. Protest and obstruction build up against them. See dream to make a beautiful life and try to make it reality by your knowledge and industry. Don’t live in fear- if it is, the world may deprive from your unavailable gift. Live at the last stage of civilization by taking taste/juice from all beauty, loving things of the world forever.

Coaching centre

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Nurun Naher Nipa

Coaching center is very well-known to the students. In the coaching centre students are given teaches in a special way. Coaching centers attract students by coloring poster, banner & festoon etc. They give 100% assurance university admission. They also create many short-cut method of education for examination. Coaching centre give assurance by saying that if students follow their learning/teaching process, they will must admitted in the medical or BUET. Coaching centre is the name of a play where education and other training included. In briefly coaching centre are divided into following categories

1. Coaching centre for special teaching
2. Admission coaching
3. Computer & driving etc technical coaching
4. Language learning coaching

For that reason our knowledge is being dependent on the coaching centre along with the elements of education. Coaching centers are spreading all over the country. Only in the capital city there is a large number of coaching centre. A large number of coaching centre also found outside of the city. Coaching centre is a easy way of passing over for the students. It is also true that most of the brightest students come to these coaching centers. The value of famous and well-known coaching center is high. But coaching centers have both site bad and good effects.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Translated by: Kazi Rafiqul Islam
Written in Bengali: Sufiya Khatun

O appearance of our independence
Memories of those nine months
Are implanted in our hearts.
We will ever remember you
Again we have met
On this day of 16th December.
Wherever we stay
We will not forget you
Because this day is
The day of joyful independence.
If God favors us
We will never forget you
Because, only for you
The valiant boys of Bangladesh
Sacrificed their blood
On the lap of Mother Bangladesh.
Stains of blood are still
On her dress
Memories have not disappeared
From our life.
Our independence will be fruitful
When we will not fear to tell the truth.

Bird of freedom

Translated by: Kazi Rafiqul Islam
Written in Bengali: Farzana Akter

What is your name, o bird? Please tell me.
I love to hear it again and again.
How do you look, o bird?
Red, blue or shaded
How is your voice?
How is your shape, size?
Are you a bird of freedom?
Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Definitely you are.
You are made of the bloods
Of millions of brothers, mothers and sisters.
Nine long months we waited for you.
You are the source of our happiness.


Translated by: Kazi Rafiqul Islam
Written in Bengali: Sufiya Khatun

People say dreams become reality sometimes.
I say dreams are only dreams
They are never real.
Still people love dreams
Still their eyes are full of dreams.
I dream of getting hold of that moon on the sky
I dream of getting near the sun.
In my dreams, I want that golden deer
Which I have kept in my bosom so long.
But, will that be ever realized?
Still people love dreams
Still their eyes are full of dreams.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Pandora’s Box

By Shaina Hyder

Hi everyone! My name is Shaina Hyder, and I am a visiting English teacher at Nari Jibon this summer. I am working with the Spoken English 2 students, and I am really enjoying my time here. My students are already so eloquent and well spoken! We cover the basics, of course, such as interview skills, story telling, telling time, and giving descriptions and stating goals, but we also have discussions about the limitations that women face in Bangladeshi society and how to overcome them. The first couple days were certainly quite a challenge; though the students know English, adjusting to my accent (and me to theirs!) was a bigger barrier than I could have imagined. But we’re on our way now, with many gestures, a couple of pantomimes, and a lot of patience.

In the states, I am a Sociology major at Florida State University, and am most interested in gender and work. This summer, I hope to be studying the impact of industrialization and globalization on Bangladeshi women, and how the scope of women’s work has changed. More women are entering the Bangladeshi workforce than ever before. Most of the students in my classes are career minded women, while most of their mothers are housewives. I find this massive shift in a single generation to be very interesting.

I am having so much fun in Bangladesh this summer, and am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with the Nari Jibon Project.

Some Pictures of my Teaching at Nari Jibon Project:

Monday, May 26, 2008

A tale of a woman

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Rozy Alam

If we heard the word NARI (woman) we think a woman who is powerless, simple and soft hearted. I’ll write about a Nari who have huge dreams, hopes and love. Her name is Komola, got married at her childhood. Komola had huge dreams. She wanted to go to school, would learn study and she would be great. Getting more education she wanted to develop her life. But Komola could not implementation her dreams because Komola was a daughter of a poor family. Poverty was main fault of her life. Her parents had no ability to prosecute her study. Suddenly Komola got married and she had to leave all of her classmates and neighboring friends. Tears are falling from her dreamy eyes. Days, months and years go and thus she passed 20 years. If Komola would implement her dreams, probably she would be a doctor or an educated mother. But it is very sorrow news that now she is working as a hand-made cake seller in the road side. Not only this she also became a mother but illiterate, poor and industrious mother, not educated mother. Komola sells cake sitting a roadside whole day long in the capital city. Everyday she makes powder four kilogram rice and makes chitoy pitha and vapa pitha. She makes pitha and waits for customers. Komola maintains her family by selling these pithas. Komola’s family is consisted eight members with her four daughters, two sons and one husband. Her husband is unemployed. Komola suffers frustration with her small children. All-day long she thinks how she will collect house rent and food expenditure of family members. Komola looks aged but if she would not get early marriage and she would get chance to study, she does not look aged. Thus she is passing her daily life.

Every day while I return from Nari Jibon I see Komola and I feel sad. As I heard her life history from her own I was able to write and think about her but I know there are thousands of vulnerable women in our country like Komola whom I don’t know. If a woman can do something good than a man we became highly attracted but we don’t try to protest when we see a girl is given in marriage instead of study. But why? Do we can not help when they face problem or to implement their dreams? Are we such kind of unable? I don’t want to refuse everything, yet there are some people who help women and respect women. As an example “Nari Jibon” is an organization that works only for women’s good luck.

I want to thank every teacher and staff especially Dr. Kathryn B. Word who is the founder of Nari Jibon on behalf of every students of Nari Jibon regarding on International women day. If women in our country get scope that Nari Jibon provides they will be aware about their lives, aware about their rights, don’t bear violence staying at house, they will be defendant like me. Our women also have something to say, to know and to see and we’ll tell, see and know.

Road accident

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Shela Ahmed

Everyone is known to road accident more or less. We can learn about road accident by the daily newspaper and television everyday. Every year thousands of people are losing their lives at an inauspicious time. Some of them are losing their father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son or daughter. Many women are being widow. Many children are being orphan losing their parents and some of them are being disable and sufferings from many difficulties.

It is happening due to people careless, avoiding traffic signal, driving cars in competitively and being careless of drivers. On the other hand we can see that drivers drive cars taking intoxications and that’s why often happen like such merciless road accident. Due to their careless we are losing some brilliant people who might be great but road accident snatching their innocent and fresh lives. Where is the end of this…. How long people of our country will lose their lives? How long we’ll lose our lives at an inauspicious time due to being careless. Do we have nothing to do? Do we all the people can not do anything to prevent this? No, we can prevent this but we have to help our government. If government helps us we will be able to prevent road accident and able to make a nice environment.

An example—a boy was going to appear to his S.S.C. examination. While he was crossing the road a truck ran over him and he fell down on the street. No sooner people took him to the hospital but he had died before they reached to the hospital. S.S.C. exams admit card was in his pocket but that was blooded. He lost all of his dreams even his life. We can expect like this aforetime death. Life is more valuable than the time. So we have to give more priority of our lives than the time.

Signature of my teacher

Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Poli akter

Teacher of our country is the founder of our nation. We respect them like our parents. Because they help us to be establish in the society besides our parents. So, we greet (salam) them when we meet in the street or anywhere. After passing H.S.C. (class-12), I bought an admission form to get admission in honors level to a university. I got only two days to submit this admission application form. So, I was worried and busy to collect every necessary document according to the rules. So next day I went to the college to photocopy my mark-sheets and attach my photos. After entering to the college office room I saw everyone showing very busy. None of them was interested to talk with me. Our principal was not in the college but one of our Prof. Madam was in-charge. After waiting long time Madam came to the room and then I requested her to sign and I gave her my documents. She told me to wait two hours and then she would sign otherwise another sir would sign.
Then that sir was in the college but I knew that sir’s residence as he lived in near our area. Then I thought that it would be better to go to the sir’s house than waiting two hours in the college. So I started to go to sir’s residence. I was thinking and feeling hesitation as I did not go to his house ever. Then it was afternoon. Sir used to live fifth floor. After climbing up the stairs I found the doors of sir’s floor were open and I saw some students were waiting for sir. Sir teaches these students at his house to earn some extra money. Then sir was in another room. I was waiting for him. After a long time he came to the room to teach the students. I gave him salam and I told him that I need his sign to my document. I could not complete my words he became very angry on me and he started to scold me in front of all the students. He alone spoke his speeches but he did not want to hear what I wanted to say. All-most whole day I passed to take signature. Being very much shocked I returned from his house and I could not keep my tears while I was passing every stair. Yes, at last he signed on my every document.