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Friday, May 30, 2008


Translated by: Golam Rabbany Sujon
Written in Bengali: Helen Sarkar

Oh! It’s beautiful to look at. Do you want to get marry? Hi, darling where are you going? Why are you walking alone? They are throwing these words towards me like arrow. It is not say who they are. Actually they remain stand on the roads side to talk their nasty words. The women of the society are the sufferer of them.

I am also one of them of this society. Why they will deduct me? It may my skin has been thick or I am going to feel less by hearing such nasty, obscene words every day. Thousands of women like me endure such type of odious behave silently. There is only one solution in this man rolled society and that is to take suicide warmly either by hanging with siling fan or taking poisonous substances.

We become thunder when heard to their mouth that women are the mother, they have to honor. Yes, they show honor but the process to show honor is different. And for that reason every day in the news paper it is seen the photo of acid burn helpless women or crying of a raped woman. Women are getting honor by this way day after day.

But I think why that is? They are not doing anything without talking with us. But when such type of unclean photo see and when see crying of deprived women then my mind cry loudly for them. What is the security, such type of events will not happen in my life?

What is the benefit making the future dark in living behind hail in fear? We suffer mental depression and cried many times. Is anyone helps these helpless women? So we have to be accumulated and break down the backbone of uncivil if we want to live. Why they will win to our strength? Have to give punishment these uncultured persons. They have to understand right is equal to everyone.

In that, if you seems you have dream and energy don’t be upset either protest loudly. Protest and obstruction build up against them. See dream to make a beautiful life and try to make it reality by your knowledge and industry. Don’t live in fear- if it is, the world may deprive from your unavailable gift. Live at the last stage of civilization by taking taste/juice from all beauty, loving things of the world forever.

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