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Friday, November 7, 2008

A Clever and Honest Boy

By Shanta Islam

One day I watched a Bengali play on television. I liked the play’s story very much. I wanna share the story with all the readers.

Nisi loves Visal so much. But Visal does not love her because he has a girl friend and he love’s her. But Nisi does not want to listen to him. She tells all-time to Visal that she loves her. Though Visal does not love Nisi but he can feel Nisi’s mental situation.

One day Visal went to a restaurant with Nisi and he told her, ‘I don’t love you. I have a girl friend and our family arranged our marriage party. So we will get married soon.’ After hearing it Nisi started crying and said, ‘Sorry, I can’t live without you’. Then Visal did not say anything and went out.

Visal’s girl friend’s name is Jerin. She loves Visal too much. One day Jerin saw some photos of Visal and Nisi. Then Jarin could not accept it at that moment. She canceled their marriage and got married her another friend.

Then Visal was very upset for some days. After some days he went Nisi and proposed her.

Actually Nisi didn’t love Visal. She is a business woman and partner of her aunt’s business. Those photos were part of their business. Their business subject is: at first fall in love and then get married. After some days giving divorce and taking much money.

After proposing Nisi she agreed and got married with Visal. Somehow Visal’s brother-in-law got to know about Nisi’s plan and informed to Visal. But Visal didn’t believe him and insulted him.

After the marriage ceremony Visal said to Nisi, ‘Nisi actually I know everything about you, your profession, your aim everything and I know my brother-in-law was right, though I insulted him. I got married with you only for watching your mentality. I wanna see how a woman can be so wicked. Can a lady do this like you for money? I know now you will give me divorce and take at taka four lac. It’s your profession. But now I will give you two options-

One: Take this 20 lac taka and go from here. Maybe it’s too much than your demand.

Two: You can stay with me forever and live a respectable life. I will not hate you.

Now tell me which option will you take?’

At that night Nisi could not sleep. She thought for the whole night. In the morning she said to Visal, ‘Visal I want to live with you forever.’