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Saturday, February 16, 2008

First day of Spring

By Taslima Akter

13 February was the first day of spring. Spring is the most attractive season when nature wears new ornaments. As usual young people at Dhaka University campus had celebrated the first day of spring. Young women, dressed in red-bordered yellow saris, flowers in hairs to welcome the first day of spring. See more in the video......

I wait for you in every Falgun

Written and pictures by Sherin Sultana

The Falgun [Bengali Month] came again. The Spring Season starts from this month for two months. Everywhere it looks like a fair of colors of nature. In this time I feel that the nature plays and decorates her with many colors.

Many years ago, I met with you for the last time in the morning of 1st Falgun. After that many Falgun have passed. I used to remain so anxious to see you, to meet you and to talk with you just for a moment. But I never explained my feelings for my nervousness. That’s why I had to leave all of my dreams and feelings.

My all the dreams were died for many times. At that time I remained very upset. But now my condition has improved. A long gap was made between you and me by staying far from one another.

But still now I am waiting for you. I feel that you must come again in my life with the message of the colorful spring in any Falgun.

Young women dressed in yellow saris to welcome the first day of spring

So I wait for you in the every first morning of the Falgun by wearing Basanti (Deep Yellow) colored sharee. If you come again in my life I would find my heaven in you and discover my all the happiness.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome the spring, the queen of seasons

Written and pictures by Taslima Akter

If there is flower or not, today is Basanta (spring)
If there is birds are singing or not today is Basanta

Yellow Marigolds

Spring is one of the pleasant seasons. Spring is symbol of the transition from winter into summer. Spring is the queen of all the seasons. In this season most flowers bloom. When warm air begins to flow from south with smell of flowers, birds start singing and then we appreciate that spring is coming.
Flowers of spring

In spring it is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new life for people, plants. This season bringing color and festivities in the minds of people, lighting up the hearts of all age and life and living. Spring is the most attractive season when nature wears new ornaments/dress with trees having fresh leaves and people heaving a sigh of relief with the departure of winter.