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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nari Jibon Students' Success Stories

By Sujon

There is a proverb in our country “Va-te Ma-re, Buddhi-a Bachay-” it means ‘providing some food for death, providing knowledge for survives’. There are many NGOs that spending huge amount of money for women empowerment, strengthening, increasing awareness, rights and proving loan. Many donor/orgs are spending money for reducing harassment/violence, making them aware about type of harassments and supporting legal support. Everything is welfare for women luck. But none of them think, if a woman files a case for judgment, where those women take shelter for ever? To her parent’s family? Does she would be honored there? Obviously she will go to another purush/man as wife and he will be worse than first one.

It is proved in our society (and our research output) that women who can earn money and able to support family financially get honor in the family and society. They can also be decision maker in the family. Other members of their family respect them and as a result they face less harassment in the family.

Nari Jibon Development Foundation is providing effective skill training program to the women besides its awareness program through discussion and writing articles. Due to scarcity of outreach activities we can not know how much students get but sometime some students informed us about their job and sweetened their teachers.

Sakura Noor

I am Sakura Noor, aged about 34. I have completed Masters in History from Dhaka University. I am married and I have a child. I was working as a housewife. One day I heard about Nari Jibon from one of friend and I took admission to learn English and Computer Office Program.

After completing my course I was offered to work as an Executive Officer in an established developer company named ARTISAN DEVELOPMENT LTD. I joined there April 2009 and my starting salary is held 5000 taka per month.

I am very happy getting this job and this was possible to learn Computer and English from Nari Jibon as they (Company) wanted Computer and English expert woman.

Sufia Khatun

My name is Sufia Khatun and I am about 20 years old. I passed H.S.C. (class-12) and then I took admission in class-13 (Degree) but I could not continue my study due to sickness and poverty. My father leaved us (my mother with two elder sisters and one elder brother) getting married another woman. After passing class-12, I came to Dhaka to one of my maternal aunt for study and treatment. My elder brother was working in a garment factory and he was supporting our family financially. It was difficult to continue my study and then I thought that I need to involve in income generating activities. I heard about Nari Jibon to one of my neighboring as it was very cheap I took admission to learn English and Computer Ms Office program. During the course duration I received blog maintaining training from Nari Jibon and then I started blogging. I was rewarded some money from Nari Jibon. I also received scholarship (free class & cyber pass). Really these made me eager to take more skilled in English and Computer. Due to my accommodation problem I had to leave Dhaka to Narayangonja soon. But I am able to use my skills that I learned from Nari Jibon getting a job as office Executive to a Garments Buying House at Narayangonja. I am very happy that I can provide some financial support to family. I am very thankful to Dr. Kathryn B Ward and Nari Jibon staff who encouraged me to take skill.

Asma Akter Choity

I am Asma Akter Choity. I am about 20 years old. I am reading in honors (2nd year) at Begum Bodrunnesa Girls’ college, Dhaka. I live in Lalbagh in Dhaka with my parents.

I have learned Computer Ms. Office Program, Photography and English Course from Nari Jibon.

In last December 2008 I joined in a private company named Asian Sky Shop (Green Road, Dhaka) as Office Executive. It is happy news to me and my family.

Sharmin Akter

My name is Sharmin Akter and I am approximately 14 years old. I went to the primary school about 4 years. I could not continue study due to extreme poverty. After giving up study I was helping my mother doing some household works. One day I heard about Nari Jibon from one of my neighboring woman. I informed my mother about Nari Jibon and willing to learn tailoring course. Then I visit and took admission dated 11th March 2008. Within 3 months I learned 34 tailoring items and one month I got chance for more practicing. Later I received very few money from this tailoring shop. At the end of my course I worked in a tailoring shop but I did not receive money but many customers used to like my works. But September 2008 I got an offer from an established Tailoring Shop, situated at Rampura Banasree named Parveen Tailors as Sewing and Cutting master. They give me 2000 taka per month where I work 10 hours everyday. Really I am very thankful to Nari Jibon and my teacher Salma madam.

We are thankful to Lee Goldman & AISD

By Sujon
Nari Jibon Development Foundation depends on private donation as it is providing skill trainings (Computer, English, Tailoring and Non formal Adult Education) to the underprivileged women & girls from the March 2005. Students pay very nominal fee for these courses. Due to world economic crisis and health problem of main donor (Dr. Kathryn B Ward, Professor, Department of Sociology, SIU at Carbondale) and some other reasons Nari Jibon is facing serious financial crisis. While it was near to close the volunteer English Teacher of Nari Jibon Lee Goldman and some of her colleagues/students donated to continue Nari Jibon activities as they think that the skill training programs of Nari Jibon are more effective to the Bangladeshi women.
On March 27 the American International School of Dhaka (AISD) hosted a running event called the Step-Up Relays in which teams of four people ran a series of laps around Baridhara. Teams consisted of students, parents, school staff, and other community members. Each team paid a registration fee, and all proceeds from the event were donated to Nari Jibon.

Lee Goldman & some AISD students with Nari Jibon staff

At an earlier event on Dec.13, 2008, AISD held another athletic event called the Splash-n-Dash, a duathalon in which participants swam 400m and ran 4km. In some cases a swimmer and runner joined together to form a team to complete the duathalon. Again, the participants paid a registration fee and all proceeds went to Nari Jibon.

Lee Goldman and some AISD students teach English Spoken to Nari Jibon students in every Friday.