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Friday, May 25, 2007

A Tale of 26 February, 07: Fire on BSEC Bhaban

Written by Ayasha Siddika

It is a story of 26 February, 07. It is not only a tale but also a part of one’s life. At that day, every TV channels telecasted the incident live. Everybody watched it. But I want to tell you again this tale. Please try to understand the zest of the story.

Everything was going on nicely like others day. Everybody was at their work. At 12:00PM, a phone call came at the house. My mother received the phone and it was her elder son on the opposite side of the phone. He addressed his mother; ‘Do you know father’s office has been attacked by fire?’ She astonished after hearing the news. She asked her son, ‘Who said the news to you?’ Her son said, ‘Joy kaka’ (his uncle). After that the mother tried to make communication with Joy on phone but unfortunately the outgoing call service was locked. However, she overcame to open the lock by her elder son. She called to Joy for sureness about the news. When she became assure, then she was weeping. At that time, her younger daughter came to house from her work and asked her mother why was she crying? Mother told her the entire incident. The younger daughter tried to make communication with her elder sister and Joy for details.

The other members of the house were watching TV. The TV channels were telecasted the incident live and the house members watched that incident on TV. At 1:30 PM, the TV crews announced that Md. Azizur Rhaman had fallen down from the third floor and he has died.

Yes, this is the story of Md Azizur Rhaman.who is the employee in BSEC Bhaban and is a Coordinator officer in Purchase section.

After hearing the news, her younger daughters went to the DMC to receive her father’s dead body. That was too pathetic moment for her. It could not be express to anybody with uttering. Without pained anybody cannot feel the pain. Only a suffering people who is suffered by this kind of incident he can feel this pain. When she went to 32-no Emergency Ward in Dhaka Medical College Hospital, then she found her father alive. At that moment she felt with a lot of joy to saw her father. Really, Dear Almighty is too great on us. She was tried to shout that, “My father is alive, and look my father is alive. Thanks my dear Almighty.”

To be continued … … …

The Sparrow : A Common Bird of Bangladesh

Written by Ayasha Siddika

Bangladesh is full of natural gifts. The gifts are: flower, birds, forest, river, climate, fruit, jute, tea, fertile clay etc. All of them, bird is my topic. I am writing about a little bird and its description. Its name is Sparrow. It is a common bird. Every body has enough idea about it and it is a known bird to all. It is brown and white in color but its head and eye side are black. It is not a forest bird.

Sparrows make its nest at the corner on the ceiling by straw, rope, dry branch etc. It likes to live with people. Its food item is normal. Anybody cannot catch for cage it. The male Sparrow is more beautiful then the female Sparrow. When they want to fall in love or choose another Sparrow then the female Sparrow try to show extra and special attraction for the male Sparrow. They are cunning bird. If they could sing that will be more beautiful side. Some naughty boys catch it and fry it to eat. At night the bad boys catch it. We should protect them from bad persons.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Street children (Toaki) in Dhaka City: What do they eat?

Written and posted by
Animesh Chandra Bain

Street children in Dhaka city lead a very miserable life. They eat various kinds of things. But from where they get it? Most of them have to face of kindness of people. Some time they have to face the rude behave from people.In these pictures one boy is eating food sitting by a loan place. He also shared it with his companion. He and his companion always share all things. If any one gives some money they also divide it equally.

Globalfootprint has written:
“Some of the children are on the street - they work, play and spend most of their day with other children on the street but have families to return to at night. These children often help the family earn money by working on the streets.
Other children are of the street - they survive without family, entirely on their own, except for the company of other street children or those willing to help and support them.”

Although they eat food by the kindness of others but they have a simple mind to help others. Dear viewers, in this picture you can see that one boy is giving food to the dog.