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Friday, May 25, 2007

The Sparrow : A Common Bird of Bangladesh

Written by Ayasha Siddika

Bangladesh is full of natural gifts. The gifts are: flower, birds, forest, river, climate, fruit, jute, tea, fertile clay etc. All of them, bird is my topic. I am writing about a little bird and its description. Its name is Sparrow. It is a common bird. Every body has enough idea about it and it is a known bird to all. It is brown and white in color but its head and eye side are black. It is not a forest bird.

Sparrows make its nest at the corner on the ceiling by straw, rope, dry branch etc. It likes to live with people. Its food item is normal. Anybody cannot catch for cage it. The male Sparrow is more beautiful then the female Sparrow. When they want to fall in love or choose another Sparrow then the female Sparrow try to show extra and special attraction for the male Sparrow. They are cunning bird. If they could sing that will be more beautiful side. Some naughty boys catch it and fry it to eat. At night the bad boys catch it. We should protect them from bad persons.


THOMAS said...

nice foto!

Anonymous said...

Nice article! I have several parrots and love birds. I recently got interested in bird watching and love watching sparrows and other birds in the morning!

Anonymous said...

Are your sparrow population is decline like in Europe? We getting them less and less every year :(