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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dump student is also not safe in the street!!!

By Rabbany Sujan

Eve-teasing is the one of the problem to the young Bangladeshi girls. We can see in the daily newspaper often that young girl are facing these problems in the roads, markets, schools and workplaces. As a result many guardians give company when their young girls go to the schools, colleges, markets and other places. Many young girls are to wear veils when they are outside of their houses. Sometimes eve-teasing is the cause of suicide of some young girls like Simi, Purnima, Mahima, Trisha and many others. Ok, now why I am thinking about this problem… is that..

Rozina Akter is in tailoring class

A very young girl aged 13 and named Rozina, is learning Tailoring items at Nari Jibon skill training centre. She is dump and she was born in a very needy family. She comes to the office on foot and it takes at least half an hour.

Last week she was crying without sound after reaching in the class, she looked very afraid. As she could not speak her teacher did not understand what happened but she understood that she faced serious something. Her teacher informed me about her situation. One of my neighboring was dump and I knew some sign language. She tried to understand me that a young boy was following her when she was coming at Nari Jibon to her class. That boy several times passed her touching her body and offered her something bad. But seeing her silence the young boy caught her dress to stop her walking where people were very few. The young boy looked very ugly and dangerous and then she became afraid and buffeted him on his face. Seeing this, some travelers came to her and then the young boy fled away. She was asked many questions but she could not reply but cried soundless.

Now she is thinking that the young boy may make problem when she would return to her house. And that's why she was very afraid. We tried to assure her that he could not make her any problem and we said to stay long time with us and then we would give her guide to send to her house. At the end of her longtime class we sent her to her house with our office assistant (khala). She was absent two days and next day she came to Nari Jibon with her mother. Then we decided that she would come to the Nari Jibon with our office Assistant (Khala) staff who lives in same area.

Her mother informed us that she was not dump when she was born. When she was only one year old her mother went to the village and then she fell in sick. She suffered from serious fever long days. She did not receive proper treatment. At the beginning time she was treatment by the village doctor and kobiraj. After returning Dhaka her parents took to the several govt. hospitals and when doctors said that she needed surgical operation and that’s why they needed sufficient money, they stopped her treatment. Her father is daily labor and mother is housewife. They have not sufficient money to treatment her and her parents are very worried with her sickness as they would also face to give her in marriage. But she is very jolly and talent. She learned most of the tailoring items within two months. Now she changed her way to come to Nari Jibon office.

Other two dump students visited to Nari Jibon office to learn Computer and Tailoring items. One of them is educated (class-12 passed) and another one is less literate. But they wanted to learn without any fee but just now Nari Jibon has no donor and passing very difficult time.