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Saturday, August 23, 2008

How Nari Jibon students/new bloggers are trying to go ahead

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To develop Nari Jibon new bloggers, Nari Jibon arranged a photo session in last Friday (22 August 08). Four student bloggers (Jesmin ara Amzad, Jannat ara Amzad, Hira and Sufia), Nari Jibon staff blogger & Trainer Taslima Akter and Golam Rabbany Sujan went to visit Ahsan Manzil. They also visited and took pictures some of adjacent areas of Ahsan Manzil like Jagannath University and banks of Buriganga River, Victoria Park etc. Some of Nari Jibon students who receive skill training on English and Computers open blog addresses. Nari Jibon students also receive training on writing feature on different things in their classes, blog training, and digital camera operating etc. Some of them also open flickr accounts. As all the students bloggers have no own digital camera Nari Jibon authority arrange outside photo session for the students & regular bloggers. We think it will improve students’ knowledge and they will be motivated to keep more blogs.

Ahsan Manzil and (second) its display centre.

Ahsan Manzil was named by Nawab Khwaja Abdul Ghani after his son Nawab Khwaja Alimullah during the time of Mughals. It was built up during the time of Mugahls and it was used by Dhaka Nawab family. It is situated on the bank of the Buriganga River. Now it is using as a museum.

Nari Jibon bloggers are taking photos of Ahsan Manzil

Nari Jibon bloggers are introducing themselves with other visitors (foreigners) and inviting them to visit Nari Jibon. Jesmin and Jannath are talking in English with two Japanese and other people are listening to their conversation. Jesmin and Jannath are learning English at Nari Jibon.

We became sad when we saw the water of our Buriganga River is being polluted by the people and businessmen of this area and nobody care of this.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My mother

Cross posted from Rafiq's Eye

My mother

Last winter I went to Barisal along with my children and wife to see my mother and also to observe Eid-ul.Azha. My mother was very much happy to see us that time. Seeing us she got some strength to walk a bit. My mother is now Eighty five years old. Due to old age she can not walk well without help of others or stick. She lost her parents and four of her brothers long long ago. She also has lost her husband and two sons that made her weaker.

Mother with my two sisters

In our village everybody loves her for her hospitality. My mother lives in village along with her youngest daughter and grand daughter. But my sister has to cook five to six peoples food everyday. Neighboring people ( specially women come to see her, chat with her and helps my sister a bit in her household works but nobody can not go without having food from our house. I saw her keeping without food many times but she told us that she had no appetite but checking the rice dish I saw empty. Actually she gave food to some of her poor neighboring children that was for her. Even now no one can go from our house without having food.

Her heart is great that is hardly seen. I do not know how to explain about her big heart. She is so affectionate to all.

My mother is living in village where my father and two elder brothers were buried. We tried to take her Dhaka but she does not want to leave that place. She says in this respect that she can see her two son’s everyday but if she is taken to Dhaka how she would see them.

As she is living far away from Dhaka and very expensive to go over there; I can not go to see my mother whenever I want. I usually go to village once or twice a year specially in Eid vacation. But I try to talk to her almost every day over cell phone. Whenever I talk to her my heart fill with joy and happiness. I love my mother very much.

World of Today

By Sufia Khatun

World of today .As like today,
Life stays long? Or not stay?
If this world does not stay,
All human nations will go to be change,
World of today is very nice,
It makes our mind anxious,
Mind does not want to listen any thing and the hart is same ,
I don’t wish to leave this world,
We all want more and more,
World of today may not change.

My brother

By Sufia Khatun

I am Sufia. We are three sisters and one brother. I have father, but he doesn’t live with us. I have mother. She is a housewife. My brother is only on earning person in our family. Our family depends on him. I did not any cares from my father. But I don’t know about affection and love of my father. My brother loves me so much. He believes me. He passed S.S.C in 1994. From that he is working hard for our family. I am very proud of my brother. Because, he is my brother, he is my father, he is my friend and he is my all. I pray all time for my brother. May he stay good and God bless him. My brother is a best brother for me. I best happy for my brother.

What is the biggest celebration of your community each year?

Nasrin Akter Urmi [ID: 879]
English Section

Our country has many occations, as like: Eid-ul-Fitre, Eid-ul-Azha, Pahela Baisakh, Pahela Falgun, 21st February etc. I think eid day is the biggest celebration of our community each year. Eid day is special day in our Muslim life. Eid-ul-fitre takes place on the first day of shawal after having one month of Ramadan. On this day all rise from sleep very early. All men and young boys go to the Eidgah Mosque to say their prayer. On this day every body wears new dress and visits to one another's house. Various items are cooked on this occation. The rich people distributen cloths, foods and money among the poor.

What is the biggest celebration of your community each year?

Rabaya Akter [ID: 893]
English Section

In our community we have several special days. We celebrate these days each year. There are many special days to celebrate, but one of the biggest celebrations in our community is Pahela Baisakh and all the people of Bangladesh celebrate this day. I also enjoy on this day. On that day generally we wake up early, get fresh and go to Romona Batomul. We wear some special dress for this day that is mixed-up of red and white color. Then we make a group with our family and friends. Everybody prepare special foods on that day. Those are Panta [rice with water] and Hilsa fish fry. We all eat those. These are the main menu for this day. Some cultural programs and fairs are arranged on this day. Those stay for the whole month. Whole day we enjoy Pahela Baisakh. So we can say that this is the biggest celebration of our community each year.

What is the biggest celebration of your community each year?

Sonia Yeasmin [ID: 888]
English Section

our country celebrate many days like Pahela Baishakh, Eid-ul-Fiture, Eid-ul-Azha ,Victory day and 21st February etc. but I think victory day and 21st February is the biggest celebration of our community each year. Because our country was controlled by others but we have gotten our independence on 16th December in 1971 through the blood of 30 lac martyred. The Independence Day is ovserved all over the country with various programs. On that day parade of different armed forces is held in the race cours maidan apart that various play and cultural programs are held in other parts of the country. Boys and girls of the school and college make anaado [joy] rally. The 21st February is an international mother language day. Mother tongue is a divine gift. Some of the heroic sons came forward and sacrificed their glorious life for the cause of our mother tongue on the 21st February 1952. Rafique, Jabber, Salam , Barkat were shot. Since then this day is called the Shaheed Dibash. Now it is a great pleasure for us that this day has got international recognition in 1999. The victory day and 21st February create pleasures in the mind of people of every profession and religion. So we celebrate victory day and 21st February very gorjiously.

The Largest Celebrations of my communities

Cross posted from Afrin’s Gallery

Mainly there are four communities in our country, Bangladesh. Among them, one is Muslim. Even I am a Muslim and so I belong to Muslim community. Most of the people of our country are Muslims. In my community, we the Muslims celebrate the celebrations of this community such as Eid-Ul-Fitre, Eid-Ul-Azha, Shab-e-Meraz, Shab-e-Borat, Shab-e-Kodor, Eid-e-Miladunnabi, Ashura, Akheri Chahar Shomba and Fateha-e-Iazdahom. We celebrate them honestly by absorbing all day in praying of Almighty. In my opinion, I think the largest celebration of this community is Eid-Ul-Fitre. The reason is that we get it after fast adoration of one month in Ramzan. It is the first day of Zilkod. We celebrate it cheerfully in each year. On that day, the whole country wears a festive look. We wear new dresses, say our prayers to Almighty and give money or cloths to the poor. Lastly, we spend the whole day by walking about many places or relatives house and greet them calling ‘Eid Mubarak’ and enjoy all day long. The day is an auspicious day for everybody that we wait for eagerly. In another side, I am a Bengali too because my mother tongue is Bangla. In Bengali tradition, we observe the first day of Bengali New Year excitedly because from this day, a new year starts. The first day is in the month of Baishakh that belongs to summer season. So we call the first day ‘Pahela Baishakh’ and greet all calling ‘Shuvo Hok Noboborsho’ in Bengali. We choose it very gloriously with our traditional festivities of Bengali. We eat watered rice with Hilsha fish, chilies and onion. Many women wear white saris of different designs and men wear pajama-Punjabis. Some women put garlands of jasmine on hair. The other Bengali festivals are the first days of every season. However, from my own view, the largest celebration of Muslim community is ‘Eid-Ul-Fitre’ and ‘Pahela Baishakh’ is in Bengali community.