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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What is the biggest celebration of your community each year?

Rabaya Akter [ID: 893]
English Section

In our community we have several special days. We celebrate these days each year. There are many special days to celebrate, but one of the biggest celebrations in our community is Pahela Baisakh and all the people of Bangladesh celebrate this day. I also enjoy on this day. On that day generally we wake up early, get fresh and go to Romona Batomul. We wear some special dress for this day that is mixed-up of red and white color. Then we make a group with our family and friends. Everybody prepare special foods on that day. Those are Panta [rice with water] and Hilsa fish fry. We all eat those. These are the main menu for this day. Some cultural programs and fairs are arranged on this day. Those stay for the whole month. Whole day we enjoy Pahela Baisakh. So we can say that this is the biggest celebration of our community each year.

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