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Friday, July 6, 2007

Bangladeshi Handicraft: “Nakshi Katha”

In our Bangladesh we have improved on handicraft business. We are also exporting our handicrafts to foreign countries. We are being appreciated from those countries for our nice handicrafts. We can introduce our country with the other countries through this business. This type of business is helping to reduce our unemployment problem. Women are also working on handicraft. I feel that it is a good sign for Bangladesh. We have different handicraft businesses. Among them Nakshi Katha is a famous handicraft. It is not only famous in Bangladesh but also in other countries. A framed Naksi Katha increases the beauty of a room by hanging on a wall. It is used at home, office, shopping complex etc. In the rural area of Bangladesh “Nakshi Katha” is a common handicraft. It is an art of neglected village women. Sometimes, some fashionable women of rural area pass their leisure period by designing Nakshi Katha. Nakshi katha is a tradition of village. It takes tatters, cotton and needles to weave a Nakshi Katha. Women weave it with their creative skills. They make special designs with different pictures on it with the colorful cottons. It takes three or four months to make a nakshi katha for a woman. It is mainly used for bed sheet and blanket. The Bangladeshi people feel proud for this. Nakshi Katha can be used as a gift item for new couple, especially from bride family in the rural area.

The seller was showing Nakshi Katha in the fair - picture by Taslima Akter

Now Nakshi Ktha is a famous and fashionable item of handicraft in the urban area. We can buy Nakshi Katha from different fair, shopping centre etc. In the fair most of the seller are women. The shopping centre Aarong is famous for Nakshi Katha design. The designs show the Bangladeshi culture.
Written by Shahana Akter Munia

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