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Saturday, November 29, 2008

On the last Eid-Ul-Fitre

By Mohtarimun Nahar [Bipa]

On the last vacation of Eid-Ul-Fitre I went to visit my brother’s home with my friend Kanta at Rayer Bazaar in Dhaka. There we found a beautiful place. I never knew that in Dhaka we have place like this. We felt that we are in the village. That place is so peaceful. We spent the afternoon there and took some pictures. I wanna share these pictures with the bloggers.

Catkin [White flower of the tall species of grass]

Catkin & Green Paddy Land

A Scaffold or Trellis made of bamboo & twigs along which a bottle-gourd plants creeps up

Edible herbs of Bottle-gourd

A Scaffold on a Green Paddy land

The Evening Twilight

The Sun Set

The Sun Set in the City

Stop Awful Social Systems

By Fatema Tuj Zohura Shimu

We know all women face violence. Women can’t go out side alone. Cause they face many problems. In this modern society still we can see child marriage system.

Some days ago, my uncle had arranged marriage to his daughter by creating pressure. But she was a good student in class twelve. I think it is a kind of violence against women and this should not be done. For that the girl couldn’t continue her study.

So we want to say together please stop those awful social systems and stop violence against women.

All Women should say together “Stop Violence against Women”

By Pretty Ahamed

We are girls. When we go out from home then many boys tease us. Then we can’t say anything to them, because we are girls. We feel afraid, if they throw acid or kidnap us suddenly etc. We also go to school, market, bazaar, office etc. Then most of the time we are teased by the boys and they pass bad comments. At that time we can’t say anything. In this way often women are victim violence. We are girls so we are to tolerate. But I can’t understand that if any sister is teased by any boy, then a brother gets angry. But if he teases to other girls then he doesn’t think that his sister can be teased like this way. So, we, all women can say together that “Stop violence against Women”.

Friday, November 28, 2008

We Should Stop Violence against Women

By Reshmi Akter Jui

In our country boys and girls should be equal. But boys get more facilities than girls. The girls are deprived from their rights in every steps of their entire life. Mainly I guess the girls are deprived from food in our villages. Food is the main produce of energy. But some parents think that– The boys need to eat more than girls. Because they income money by hard working. But why don’t they think that-- the girls also manage the house-hold affairs and others, like-- cooking, cleaning, washing cloths-dish-plates, take caring of children, husband, in-laws etc. Beside that they can manage official jobs. But they do not get their energy label by food from their families in childhood. Thus our country’s girls are deprived from their necessary needed. So, we should stop violence against women.

We should change our Mentality

By Selina Akter Zeba

Everyday all kinds of women face many incident. Some are good and some are bad. Bad incidents are called violence. Yet millions of women and girls all around the world are facing violence. Violence has many types, such as - domestic abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, encounter rape, mutilation violence etc. Violence is common but must be stopped it very seriously. Many women and girls are victim of violence by her husband, boyfriend or in-laws. Violence against women by anyone is always wrong. It is a big problem and curse for every country. All countries government should take a step for stop violence against women. And we should also change our mentality.

Violence against Women

By Afroza Akter Athoy

Everyday many women are harassed by men. Violence has many types, like- domestic violence, sexual harassment, violence of abortion at clinics etc. Recently I saw a girl was walking on the road. Some boys were following that girl and passed bad comments. I felt bad but couldn’t do anything. Some women occur suicide for violence. Violence is a curse for our country. Now we should take some steps for violence against women. All women are participating in different sectors in the world. They can control home and office both. We will have to prove that women are not a doll for men. All countries’ governments should take some steps to stop violence against women.

Towards Digital Bangladesh – BCS Computer Fair 2008

Cross posted from Techna Tara

On November 17th was the inaugural ceremony and 21st November (Friday) was the last exhibited day of BCS Computer Fair 2008. This year, theme of this fair was “Towards Digital Bangladesh”. This year exhibition was bigger and better. From 1993 BCS organized this fair in every year to make the people of Bangladesh to aware about its importance and latest technological developments.
This year the venue of the fair was The Bangladesh China Friendship Centre at Sher-e-Bangla Nagar. More than 65 companies had joined this fair with their different products in 76 stalls and 23 pavilions. Computer, Desktops and Accessories, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Digital Cameras & Handy cams, Softwares, Sound Systems, Pen Drive and Packages of web hosting and Development etc. were displayed in this fair. Almost all the stalls had displayed notebooks from user’s favorites. Game zone and free internet browsing was an interesting part of this fair.

Some pictures of this fair.

When I visited this fair on 19th November I met together with some deaf people who can’t speck too but talk with their hands signals. They also came to visit the fair. They enjoyed very much the interesting game corner of this fair.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We must stop Violence Against Women

By Aklima Akter Nipa

In our society women are oppressed in various ways. These happen in two ways: one is physically, another is mentally. In our life women face many problems. After our birth we are neglected by our society and family. Firstly women are oppressed by their husband, secondly oppressed by their children, thirdly from in-law’s house. Women’s oppressions are never being end. I wanna share a materialistic story which occurred before my cousin’s eyes. One morning at 7.30 am when my cousin went to her garments, suddenly she saw a crazy boy was running fast and cut a girl’s throat and ran away from there. This boy proposed to her and she didn’t accept his proposal. Because she loved another boy and recently she got married with him. That boy couldn’t accept this and he did this crime. And he didn’t get his proper punishment.

Our women are also oppressed by acid. One kind of women’s oppression is, a boy friend doesn’t allow his girl friend to talk with any other boy. Some don’t allow women to do any job. A husband interfere his wife’s life. Like: dress up, habits, talking style etc. If she doesn’t accept his choice their relation gets to be broken. So, we must stop violence against women.

No Violence Against women

By Tondra

Now a day’s boys and girls both are literate. So we can say, girls’ & boys’ rights are equal. But we say this only for saying. We also see that boys and girls both are studying in school, college and university. But it was impossible at past. Women development is like a challenge for men. Still women can’t get their rights. Recently one Bangladeshi channel published an advertisement on violence against women. The ad is, “A boy and a girl studied in the same class, at a time they loved each other and got married. One day her husband came home after office and then she was cooking. Her husband knocked at the door and she opened the door late. When she opened the door her husband slapped her. She started crying and then her husband came to her and said…. So What!”

Our society’s educated men think, they are better then women. They think it’s their manly habit. But they don’t know when they show their manly creature they lose their humanity. They are like illiterate men though they are literate. They are literate just for their certificate. So I think they are completely fool.

I think women are in first position than men on “HUMANITY”.

So I request every man, please make yourself an educated person then you will be truly literate.

Stop Women Violence

By Zannat

Violence against women is a hateful crime. Our whole world’s many women are oppressed everyday and every moment in many ways. Our countries’ many girls and women are harassed of violence everyday. Sometime we can see that many home service women workers are tortured by their husbands. Violence against women is a technical tern used to collectively refer to violent acts that are primarily or exclusively committed against women.

We see much violence. Such as: acid violence, teasing at school girls, violence of women for dowry etc. So it seems to me that we should stop violence against women. Women should not tolerate all the torture on them. They should speak up and gain their rights. Please come and say no violence against women.

International Day Against Violence Against Women

Cross posted from Techna Tara

25 November is the International Day Against Violence Against Women. Let’s join the UNIFEM call to “SAY NO to violence against women“. Narijibon bloggers also have signed the UNIFEM petition “SAY NO to violence against women. Narijibon bloggers joining the campaign with Take Back the Tech.

Today narijibon blogger have participated this day action with other women all over the world. I discussed with them on this International Day Against Violence Against Women. Narijibon bloggers will share their stories and thoughts which will be posted in narijibon blogsite.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Enjoyed Two Festivals

By Pretty Ahamed

I am a Nari Jibon student. I want to share my Eid vacation with the bloggers.

At the previous night of Eid -ul-fitre I went to go for shopping. We called this night as 'chand rat' (moon night). I bought ear rings, bangles, mehendi (hena). I got up on the eid day at 8.30 am and finished my shower. My aunt cooked shemai, pollaw, and meat. I wore my new dress and made my nephew wake up. We got ready then I went to my younger aunt’s home and I did salaam to her and my uncle. After that we came back our home and again I went to my uncle's home and there I watched T.V. and played with my cousins. My uncle, aunt, cousins and I went to Bashundhara place.

On the next day of eid-ul-fitre I woke up at 9.00 am. I cooked for my family. I watched TV for the whole day. In this way I passed my eid vacation.

When our eid vacation finished I went to visit Durga Puja. I have one friend, she is Hindus. There I had sweets. Its Bengali name is Proshad. After that we sit there and watched dancing. This dance’s name is Aroty. In this way I enjoyed my country’s two special festivals.

My Eid Vacation

By Asma Akter Choity

Eid is a festival of the Muslims. It occurs twice in a year. One occurs after the month of Ramadan and the other on the 10th day of Jil-Hajj [Arabic Month]. These are Eid-ul-Fitre and Eid-ul-Azha.

“O mor, Romjaner oy rojer seshe elo khushir Eid

Tui aponake aj biliye de shon asmaner tagid.”

(Hurrah, the joyous Eid has come after Ramadan’s fasting,

You spread out yourself as a sky)

When Ramadan gets to end, everybody enjoys Eid-ul-Fitre. Every Muslim, young and old, rich and poor all enjoy the joy of Eid. Here I want to say how I passed my Eid-ul-Fitre vacation.

At first I woke up early in the morning. My mother cooked various items of delicious food. I also helped her. In the whole day of Eid the guests were coming I received them and treated them well. On the second day of Eid I stayed at my home. On the third day all of our friends met at TSC. All were gossiping, had ice-creams, fuska, tea. On the forth day I went to my dearest friend’s (Mukta) home. There I enjoyed myself a lot. Then I went to my uncle’s home. There my mother had reached before me. My aunt cooked various items of food and became very glad. Then I played with my three younger cousin brothers. On the fifth day I and my mother went to my aunt’s home. That’s why I felt alone. In these ways I passed my Eid vacation where I found some interesting moment and enjoyed myself.