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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We must stop Violence Against Women

By Aklima Akter Nipa

In our society women are oppressed in various ways. These happen in two ways: one is physically, another is mentally. In our life women face many problems. After our birth we are neglected by our society and family. Firstly women are oppressed by their husband, secondly oppressed by their children, thirdly from in-law’s house. Women’s oppressions are never being end. I wanna share a materialistic story which occurred before my cousin’s eyes. One morning at 7.30 am when my cousin went to her garments, suddenly she saw a crazy boy was running fast and cut a girl’s throat and ran away from there. This boy proposed to her and she didn’t accept his proposal. Because she loved another boy and recently she got married with him. That boy couldn’t accept this and he did this crime. And he didn’t get his proper punishment.

Our women are also oppressed by acid. One kind of women’s oppression is, a boy friend doesn’t allow his girl friend to talk with any other boy. Some don’t allow women to do any job. A husband interfere his wife’s life. Like: dress up, habits, talking style etc. If she doesn’t accept his choice their relation gets to be broken. So, we must stop violence against women.