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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Enjoyed Two Festivals

By Pretty Ahamed

I am a Nari Jibon student. I want to share my Eid vacation with the bloggers.

At the previous night of Eid -ul-fitre I went to go for shopping. We called this night as 'chand rat' (moon night). I bought ear rings, bangles, mehendi (hena). I got up on the eid day at 8.30 am and finished my shower. My aunt cooked shemai, pollaw, and meat. I wore my new dress and made my nephew wake up. We got ready then I went to my younger aunt’s home and I did salaam to her and my uncle. After that we came back our home and again I went to my uncle's home and there I watched T.V. and played with my cousins. My uncle, aunt, cousins and I went to Bashundhara place.

On the next day of eid-ul-fitre I woke up at 9.00 am. I cooked for my family. I watched TV for the whole day. In this way I passed my eid vacation.

When our eid vacation finished I went to visit Durga Puja. I have one friend, she is Hindus. There I had sweets. Its Bengali name is Proshad. After that we sit there and watched dancing. This dance’s name is Aroty. In this way I enjoyed my country’s two special festivals.

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