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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stop Awful Social Systems

By Fatema Tuj Zohura Shimu

We know all women face violence. Women can’t go out side alone. Cause they face many problems. In this modern society still we can see child marriage system.

Some days ago, my uncle had arranged marriage to his daughter by creating pressure. But she was a good student in class twelve. I think it is a kind of violence against women and this should not be done. For that the girl couldn’t continue her study.

So we want to say together please stop those awful social systems and stop violence against women.

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PPT said...

This is a message that I would like to relay to all the ladies at Nari Jibon, in particular after the posts they made this week on the issue of Violence Against Women.

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to express my immense gratitude to you by taking on such a courageous stance with your opinions, and for passionately advocating for a much-needed change to the status quo. From first hand experiences, I know that advocating for change from within a society where the particular issue is rampant and part of the culture can be extremely difficult, and at times it can be quite dangerous.

Sometimes it can feel as if you're hitting your head against a wall, repeatedly making a point yet nobody seems to listen or pay attention. It takes perseverance and tremendous amounts of inner strength to carry on a message championing for reform on an issue that is so deeply entrenched in the mentality of many.

The courage with which you share your views and raise your voice calling for change is humbling and inspiring. It is also a learning lesson for all of us (the readers) on the significance of true activism.

It may be a lonely battle but people will eventually listen. It will take time, but if the noise you make is loud and constant enough, they will raise their heads.

Thanks ladies for empowering and educating your readers. I look forward to more noise coming from all of you so that one day we can see the change take place.

A warm hug to everyone there.