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Friday, November 28, 2008

We Should Stop Violence against Women

By Reshmi Akter Jui

In our country boys and girls should be equal. But boys get more facilities than girls. The girls are deprived from their rights in every steps of their entire life. Mainly I guess the girls are deprived from food in our villages. Food is the main produce of energy. But some parents think that– The boys need to eat more than girls. Because they income money by hard working. But why don’t they think that-- the girls also manage the house-hold affairs and others, like-- cooking, cleaning, washing cloths-dish-plates, take caring of children, husband, in-laws etc. Beside that they can manage official jobs. But they do not get their energy label by food from their families in childhood. Thus our country’s girls are deprived from their necessary needed. So, we should stop violence against women.

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