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Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Eid Vacation

By Asma Akter Choity

Eid is a festival of the Muslims. It occurs twice in a year. One occurs after the month of Ramadan and the other on the 10th day of Jil-Hajj [Arabic Month]. These are Eid-ul-Fitre and Eid-ul-Azha.

“O mor, Romjaner oy rojer seshe elo khushir Eid

Tui aponake aj biliye de shon asmaner tagid.”

(Hurrah, the joyous Eid has come after Ramadan’s fasting,

You spread out yourself as a sky)

When Ramadan gets to end, everybody enjoys Eid-ul-Fitre. Every Muslim, young and old, rich and poor all enjoy the joy of Eid. Here I want to say how I passed my Eid-ul-Fitre vacation.

At first I woke up early in the morning. My mother cooked various items of delicious food. I also helped her. In the whole day of Eid the guests were coming I received them and treated them well. On the second day of Eid I stayed at my home. On the third day all of our friends met at TSC. All were gossiping, had ice-creams, fuska, tea. On the forth day I went to my dearest friend’s (Mukta) home. There I enjoyed myself a lot. Then I went to my uncle’s home. There my mother had reached before me. My aunt cooked various items of food and became very glad. Then I played with my three younger cousin brothers. On the fifth day I and my mother went to my aunt’s home. That’s why I felt alone. In these ways I passed my Eid vacation where I found some interesting moment and enjoyed myself.


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