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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First time I went to a Far Place & Enjoyed Freely

Cross posted from Kajol

Some days ago we went to Rarikhal at Bikrompur. There are Jogodish Chondro Basu’s home, school & college. There we went total nine people. First time I went to any far place without my mother. So I really enjoyed that situation. At first every person came to our office (Nari Jibon). We went there by bus. We reached at Bikrampur within two hours. The place was very beautiful. So we took some beautiful scenery’s pictures. There we had more fun. First time I enjoyed freely. We took a Nari Jibon’s student’s mother as our guardian. Her home district is Bikrampur. We took her with us because she knows the place very well. After taking some pictures we went to Srinogor and visit the river of Padma. There we also made Fun. After that we started our journey for Dhaka. We had a great fun there. That’s why we will again make a plan to go there. I wish we will go there soon.