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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Blog Action day, 08

By Nari Jibon Students

The students of Nari Jibon shared their thoughts on Poverty of Bangladesh. Those are given below:

My thoughts on poverty
By Afroza Akter Othoi

Poverty is a curse for our country. It is increasing day by day. Over population is one of the main causes for poverty. Poor parents can not send their children to school. For this reason people can not be educated. If we want to remove poverty we have to work together and help people to get education properly. Sometimes we can help the poor by giving money, cloths, foods etc.

Poverty is a Great Problem
By Pretty Ahamed

Our Bangladesh is passing under poverty. Most of the people live in village. We should do something for them. We can help to the poor people by giving money, cloths, foods etc. We can also help the poor people to get education. Our Bangladesh has many reasons of poverty, like as - illiteracy, over population, unemployment etc. If we can solve these problems then we can remove the poverty.

We should remove Poverty
By Ishrat Jahan

Poverty is the curse of a country. We have many poor people like many other countries. All of our people need to help together to remove poverty. In our country the main reason of the poverty is superstition. In our village many people believe in superstition. So, to remove this poverty firstly we will have to change our mentality. Another reason of poverty is our poor educational system. The reason of illiteracy our country can’t go forward. So we have to give importance on education. Then we can remove poverty.

Poverty is a big Problem
By Selina Akter Zeba

Bangladesh is a poor country. Poverty is a big problem for Bangladesh. To me the major problems of increasing poverty are – 1. Over population, 2. Illiteracy, 3. Unemployment etc. If we want to remove the poverty in Bangladesh then firstly we will have to stop increasing population. And people should be educated. Our mentality should be changed. Then I think the poverty can be removed.

Poverty is a main Problem
By Fabliha Tasnim Hridi

Bangladesh is an under developing country. For the poverty our country can’t develop in many sectors. Over population is the main cause for it. To maintain the people’s main want our country faces many problems. Illiteracy and superstition are also problem for poverty. In our country there are many families who can’t send their children to school for poverty. Our government takes many necessary steps to remove poverty. Such as: Aware people for what are the disadvantages of increasing population, Start free education, Arrange free treatment etc. We should try to help the poor besides government help.